1/2 Day Friday January 17.

No School Monday January 20.

1/2 Day Tuesday January 21.

Lansing Field Trip permission slip and money is due Monday, January 27!

Tutoring begins on Wednesday January 22. (Students chosen should have brought home a blue permission slip.)

  1. Study for spelling testĀ 
  2. Practice skip counting by 6 and 7
  3. Read 20 minutesĀ 
  4. Zearn (students should be on lesson 5)
  1. Math lesson 4 
  2. Spelling – left/right
  3. Zearn 
  4. Read 20 minutes 
  5. Testing tomorrow!
  1. Spelling – ABC Order
  2. Read 2o minutes 
  3. Zearn – complete 1 lesson 
  4. Testing continues tomorrow – sleep early and have a healthy breakfast!!

This week we will start mid-year testing. We will begin IReady diagnostics on Monday and NWEA Reading on Tuesday. Please encourage your child to try his or her best. Monday is our library day. All students need to return their library books. Friday is a half day due to the end of the card marking. Dismissal will be at 11:45. Our schedule will be slightly off because of testing, but this is what we will be doing when we are not testing.

Math: We will be working with division facts by decomposing numbers. Please practice with multiplication flash cards. Students need to memorize their facts up to 10 by the end of third grade.

Science: We will be taking a short quiz on climate. A study guide will come home on Tuesday. The quiz will be on Thursday.

Social Studies: We will learn about different types of economic activities in Michigan including agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.

Reading: We will be examining the text structures of sequencing and cause and effect.

Writing: We will be forming research clubs and begin gathering information for our first research report on severe weather.

Students will be bringing their Lansing field trip permission slip home on Monday.

We will be visiting the Michigan Capitol Building and the Historical Museum on February 12th. We will be leaving school at 8 am, therefore, students need to be at school by 7:45 am. We will be returning to school by 3:30 pm.

The cost for the trip is $15 per student and $15 for each chaperone. Money and slips are due by Monday, January 27th. We will not be accepting money or permission slips after that date. 

/scr/ /shr/ /spr/ & /thr/

  1. scroll
  2. throw
  3. shrank
  4. spring
  5. sprain
  6. scream
  7. thread
  8. shrimp
  9. sprint
  10. throat
  11. hazards
  12. tourism
  13. economic
  14. decompose
  15. severe
  1. Math lesson 3 
  2. Spelling – 3 times each 
  3. Zearn – complete 1 lesson 
  4. Read 20 minutes – look for text features
  1. Read 20 minutes
  2. iReady 
  3. Zearn 

iReady test Monday

NWEA Reading Tuesday & Wednesday

  1. Spelling ABC Order 
  2. Read 20 minutes 
  3. iReady 
  4. Zearn
  5. Practice Skip Counting
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