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Homework –

  1. Sign math quiz and return to school tomorrow
  2. Study for spelling test
  3. Read 15 minutes and write about it
  4. iReady and Zearn
  1. Write each spelling word 3 times
  2. Practice multiplication flashcards
  3. iReady and Zearn
  4. Read 20 minutes and write about it

Test Thursday

Spelling Week 17 silent /wr/ and /kn/ patterns

  1. write
  2. wrist
  3. wrap
  4. knife
  5. know
  6. decompose
  7. claim
  8. support
  9. agriculture
  10. cycle

Homework –

  1. Study for math quiz – complete review sheet
  2. Read 20 minutes and write about it
  3. Iready, Zearn, Multiplication Flashcards

Have a great weekend! 🙂


  • Math lesson 3
  • Paul Bunyan Reading Picture and Writing
  • Study for spelling test
  • Math quiz on Monday!
  • Read 20 minutes and write about it
  • Iready, Zearn, Multiplication Flashcards

BAKE SALE WILL CONTINUE TOMORROW! Bring your donations and enjoy a sweet treat! 🙂



Students are coming home today with a NWEA report. It needs to be signed and returned to school tomorrow. This report shows their fall scores, their projected RIT (goal score for winter), and their winter scores. It also shows a Yes or No if students met their goal or not. The more “Yes” your child has, the better! We will have a reward for those students who met their goal in all four test areas.

Please return this signed report to school tomorrow. If you have any questions, let me know! 🙂

Homework – 

  • Read 20 minutes and write about it
  • Iready, Zearn, Multiplication Flashcards
  • Draw a picture and write your spelling words in the picture

Reminders – 

  • Wednesday, February 6th: Late Start – 9:35. Bake Sale!
  • Friday, February 8th: NO school for KINDERGARTEN ONLY
  • Friday, February 8th: PTA Meeting @ 9am



The PTA will be having a bake sale on Wednesday, February 6. Proceeds from the bake sale will be going towards the Children of Yemen fundraiser. The bake sale will take place in the front lobby. Everything sold will be 1 dollar! PTA is asking parents to please donate baked goods or store bought goods to our sale. Thank you! 🙂 The baked goods can be brought in with students in the morning or can be dropped off.



  • Lesson 2 math homework
  • Write spelling words 4 times each
  • Comparing two stories reading chart
  • Iready, Zearn, Multiplication Flashcards
  • Read 20 minutes and write about it
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