3rd Grade Supply List

Hello Families!

Welcome to the 2018/19 school year! As the end of summer break is approaching, keep in mind the supplies that students need to bring with them at the start of the new school year. The suggested supply list is below. If you have any questions, contact me at talebk@dearbornschools.org. I look forward to seeing you all very soon. 🙂 

  • 6 ( 1 subject notebook) red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange
  • 6 (2-pocket folders) red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange
  • 1 pack of 24 count crayons
  • 1 crayon box
  • Pack of EXPO dry erase markers
  • Small sharpener
  • 2 Black and White Composition Notebooks
  • 24 pack of pencils
  • 2 glue Sticks
  • Loose Leaf paper
  • 2 tissue boxes
  • Large Hand Sanitizer bottle
  • Yellow Highlighter
  • Gallon size Ziplock bags
  • Clorox Wipes

Wrapping up the Year

Hello Families,

The 2017-19 school year is over in 1 1/2 days! Students (and Ms. Taleb) are ready for summer break. Today students will be bringing home reading and math books. These books have been worked on over the year. Over the summer, students are expected to review and complete the reading and math books to prepare them for next year and prevent academic summer loss.

It has been an awesome year. I will miss you all! Have a great summer!!

Keep me updated on what you are doing..I would love to hear from you over the summer. Use your school ID and password to log into gmail.com.

Email: talebk@dearbornschools.org 🙂



Congratulations to our students with no card flips during the month of May! All green all month long!!

Student of the Month – Sabella Elorra 

Bucketfiller of the Month – Ahlam Ghaleb 

Wednesday, May 30

Homework –

  1. Wednesday Word Work
  2. Math Worksheets not complete in class are homework
  3. Science Reading & Chart about the crayfish

Reminders –

  1. All library books need to be returned to the media center AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  2. 4th grade math test moved to Friday!!

Tuesday, May 29

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. The countdown begins for summer vacation – after today we have 11 1/2 school days lefts until summer break!

Homework – 

  1. Finish spelling sentences
  2. MobyMax and MyOn

Reminders – 

  1. 4th grade math test on Thursday.
  2. We will have a social studies test at the beginning of next week.

Reminders –

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick reminder that there is no school on Friday, May 25 and Monday, May 28!

ALL library books will be due on Tuesday, May 29.

Students will be testing NWEA Language & Science next week.

Homework over break will be for students to complete at least 20 minutes of MobyMax and MyOn everyday! Social studies materials will be going home in their folder to review over the weekend.

Enjoy your long weekend. 🙂

Monday, May 14

Students had an awesome time today during field day! Pictures will be posted on the blog soon 🙂

Homework –

  1. Spelling sentences
  2. Study guide for science – Test on Wednesday
  3. Read 20 minutes
  4. MobyMax/MyOn