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We will be taking our economy test tomorrow. We went over the correct answers for the study guide today in class. I have attached them here.

Unfortunately our field trip to Lansing was cancelled due to a power outage. Mr. Awada and Mrs. Abdulla worked their magic and we were still able to go on a field trip. Instead of Lansing, we went to the Michigan Science Center in Detroit. The students had so much fun.

General Reminders –

  1. Field trip permission slips for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra went home today. They are due on Friday, February 14.
  2. Friday, February 14 is Valentine’s Day! We will be having a small celebration in the afternoon. Students may bring cards or treats to share with the class. There are 26 of us! Please make sure there is enough to give each child one.
  3. PTA Family Game Night is tomorrow, Thursday, February 13 from 4:45 – 5:45.
  4. PTA announced that Friday, February 14 is PAJAMA DAY! Wear your comfy PJs to school on Friday.
  5. NO SCHOOL NEXT WEEK – Mid Winter Break is from February 17-21.
  6. We will be taking a social studies test on Friday, February 14.
  1. Math Lesson 14
  2. Spelling 3 Times Each
  3. Social Studies Test on Friday!!
  4. iReady 
  5. Zearn
  6. Read 20 minutes

Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Our Lansing field trip is Wednesday. Students and chaperones need to be at school at 7:45. Buses will be leaving promptly at 8:00. It is recommended that you provide a snack for your child for the bus ride since it will be a long drive. Everyone also needs to bring a brown bag lunch. Please no glass bottles. Family game night is Thursday from 4:45-5:45. There will be many fun math games to play and purchase. Friday we will be having a Valentine party. Here is a look at our week ahead.

Math: We will be looking for multiplication patterns and using them to solve two-step word problems.

Science: We will be starting a project on severe weather. Students will work in groups to complete it. More information will follow.

Social Studies: We will review for the unit 2 test on Tuesday. The test will be on Friday.

Reading: We will continue asking and answering questions within informational text by restating the question and answering in complete sentences.

Writing: We will continue drafting our research reports on severe weather.


  1. aunt
  2. ant
  3. blew
  4. blue
  5. eight
  6. ate
  7. waist
  8. waste
  9. weight
  10. wait
  11. Lansing
  12. explain
  13. pattern
  14. impact
  15. taxes

Wednesday is our field trip to Lansing !!!! Make sure to arrive at the school no later than 7:45 a.m. Please make sure to send a packed lunch that includes a sandwich, juice box and a snack with your child. Please make sure your child is wearing tennis shoes.

رحلة ميدانية إلى لانسنج الأربعاء هي رحلتنا الميدانية إلى Lansing !!!! تأكد من الوصول إلى المدرسة في موعد لا يتجاوز الساعة 7:45 صباحًا. يرجى التأكد من إرسال وجبة غداء مرزوم تتضمن سندويش ، صندوق عصير ووجبة خفيفة مع طفلك. يرجى التأكد من أن طفلك يرتدي أحذية مريحة.

Miller Family Game Night is scheduled for Thursday, February 13. The event starts at 4:45 and ends at 5:45. The event is free! The first 60 families to arrive will receive a $15 dollar game coupon!

  1. Spelling 3 times each
  2. iReady and Zearn 
  3. Read 20 minutes
  4. Sign NWEA Paper
  1. pink
  2. ankle
  3. ask
  4. camper
  5. jumped
  6. sink
  7. banker
  8. desk
  9. swamp
  10. lamp
  11. support
  12. chapter
  13. parentheses
  14. climate
  15. activity
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