Book Drop Off and Material Pick Up!

Thursday, June 4, 2020 – Parents please bring back library books and LLI books. Teachers will be wearing masks and gloves to exchange materials. Each parent will receive a bag with materials from their child’s classroom, their desk and a packet of summer learning materials for continued growth.

Grades K-2 12-1 pm

Grades 3-5 1-2pm

See you Thursday!

Week Ahead June 1 – 5

Hello Families! What a beautiful weekend! I hope you were able to enjoy the sunshine and cool weather while continuing to social distance. There will be no class meeting this week. Parents we will be seeing one another briefly at book drop off and materials pick up on Thursday, June 4th from 1-2 pm. Teachers will be wearing masks and gloves and standing in designated locations to put materials in the trunk of your vehicle and collect Miller books. I look forward to seeing you! 🙂 Please bring library books and LLI books back to the school.

Here is our focus for this week:

Writing: We will continue to reflect on the school year and count down to the last day of school.

Reading: We will read on iReady and follow our personalized paths for 45 minutes of instruction.

Math: Fraction work will continue as we compare fractions of greater, less than, and equal values.

Science: We will be constructing an argument supported by evidence to explain why in a certain habitat some organisms survive well, some survive less well, and some don’t survive at all.

Social Studies: We will be creating a diagram to explain the cause and effects of the lumbering business growth in Michigan.

Have a great week! Please send me an email or Class Dojo message if you have any questions.

Week Ahead May 26 – 29

Hello students and families! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend! Happy Memorial Day and Eid Mubarak! Here is the focus for the week:

Reading: Continue to follow your individual reading path on iReady. Students must complete a minimum of 45 minutes each week.

Writing: We will continue counting down to the end of the year in writing check your Google Classroom. Just a few weeks left!

Math: We are learning about fractions and partitioning shapes into parts. PLEASE watch the teaching video! 🙂 Continue to follow your path on Zearn after your complete the work in Google Classroom.

Science: We will continue our life science unit by learning about food chains and food webs in a slideshow on Google Classroom.

Social Studies: We have finished our unit on Michigan’s history and now we will investigate the causes and effects for Michigan’s economic growth. Check out Google Classroom to find your work.

Only a few more weeks until summer vacation!