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Having a great year so far, getting to know my students! I have quite a few HUGE classes but making it work. We completed our Fitness Testing. Lots of girls between Mrs. Wancha’s class and mine made the TOP 25 list for fastest Mile times! Great job ladies!


1. 7:17 Maya Elachkar (7)

2. 7:48 Dima Rtail (7)

3. 8:24 Yusra Shagira (8)

4. 9:22 Ghaida Alfutini (6)

5. 9:31 Farah Thabet

6. 10:00 Hadeel Hanek (6)

7. 10:10 Zaynab Alawieh (7)

8. 10:12 Aelif Alsaudi (7)

9. 10:20 Hiba Saleh (6)

10. 10:28 Fatima Alafaat (7)

11. 10:45 Tawakul Hussein (6)

12. 10:47 Yousra Mohamed (6)

13. 10:50 Rana Alhunaini (7)

14. 10:51 Anwar Mohamed (7)

15. 10:54 Lana Alzayadi (6)

16. 11:12 Heya Alzayadi (6)

17. 11:25 Amelia Ghaleb (6)

11:25 Sundos Almudhari (8)

18. 11:33 Muluk Ali (7)

11:33 Ahlam Ghaleb (7)

19. 11:40 Mya Zalghout (6)

20. 11:45 Dalal Mawari (8)

21. 11:52 Sarah Nasser (6)

22. 12:02 Reem Bazzi (6)

12:02 Dina Sharara (8)

23. 12:17 Malak Saker (6)

24. 12:20 Shaima Aljadiri (6)

25. 12:21 Shams Almudawil (7)

12:21 Methany Hussein (7)

Woodworth Boys Basketball


Coach Ahmad’s blog link above for most information

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Dear Oakman Parents,
Based on the approved return plan from the board of education last night, registration for the Virtual Learning Program ( VLP) will take place tomorrow at Oakman school between the hours of 9:00-12:00 & 1:00-3:00. If you want your child to be returning to school online only for the upcoming school year, then please come to school on Wednesday to fill out the program application . This is only for parents who do not wish to send their children to school in-person and the whole year will be online. The principal and some staff members will be assisting those who choose this option tomorrow at Oakman school in the cafeteria . Please wear your mask and adhere to social distancing norms of 6 feet apart. If you have more than one child and you wish to enroll all of them into the program, you may also do so at Oakman in one stop.

Thank you and have a nice Tuesday.

Fuel Up 2 Play 60 – Summer SPIRIT WEEK!

ALL week long we’ll be sharing great activities and ideas for you and your students on @FUTP60 Instagram.
And, there will be giveaways!*
Below is an outline of what’s coming each day on @FUTP60 Instagram:

  • Monday, July 20 will be “Physical Activity Day” and we will kick off Summer Spirit Week with great workouts that can be done at home. 
  • Tuesday, July 21 will be “Dairy Farmer Appreciation Day” and everyone is invited on a virtual farm tour!
  • Wednesday, July 22 will be “Fuel Your Good Day” and will focus on sharing stories of how others are fueling their good, so you can do the same!
  • Thursday, July 23 will be “Cooking Day” and we will share a tasty and easy recipe that you can do at home.
  • Friday, July 24 will be the last day of Summer Spirit Week, and we will challenge everyone to “Do Good for Our Planet” by sharing inspiring ideas.

We encourage you and your students to head over to @FUTP60 Instagram to get involved!
Ready? Break!

The Fuel Up to Play 60 Team