Week of 11/15

Thank You!

We had 100% attendance for parent-teacher conferences! THANK YOU! It was so nice to be able to sit with you all, chat about your kiddo, and connect for more than 10 seconds at the door! Thank you for investing in your child, and showing them that school matters!

In the room:

We are grooving with our routines now, and have starting adding more and more academic content into our days. We are currently working our way through exploring the alphabet, the sounds that letters make, both capital and lowercase letters, the letters that make up our names, and words that start with each letter.

For math we are working on lots of concepts: counting 1 to 1, making patterns, identifying shapes, sorting items into categories, and understanding data.

We are going to be working on journaling/writing/drawing more too now that we have Mrs. Hamade back! Lots of fun learning is coming our way! <3

Looking Ahead:

Thanksgiving Break: NO school for all students November 24-26

Winter Fun Parent “Meeting”: On December 16th our parent-child meeting will be a morning filled with lots of fun winter themed activities! This will be a super fun morning without any kind of speeches from Ms. Reid! 🙂

At Home:

Looking for ways to keep your child engaged and off of that tablet at home?

Try this! Set a timer for 2 mins and have your child go find something on the list and run it back to you. Once they have collected all the items, maybe let them have a small treat!

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