Be Prepared BEFORE it Snows!

We GO OUTSIDE in ALL kinds of weather! Kids need fresh air and a chance to run and stretch their legs! If the windchill is 20 degrees and above we are going out!

NOW is the time to pick up snow boots and snow mittens! If you wait until it snows, you won’t be able to find any. The children LOVE to play in the snow! Knit mittens/gloves are fine for when it is just cold, but they get wet and yucky real fast. Snow/waterproof mittens + boots are BEST for this age group when it comes to snow play! Go for waterproof + warm! See examples below!

Blue and Pink Snow Boots
Blue mittens laying on a wooden bench

Other Notes

*Daylight Savings Time is this weekend! Fall Back 1 hour

*Tuesday evening parent-teacher conferences

4:00 Dena + Lena

5:30 Mansoor

6:15 Eleen

*NO PREK on Thursday! Parent-teacher conferences all day!

9:00 Aya

9:45 Hussein

10:30 Jouri

12:00 Mohammed Alrukhami

12:45 Malik

1:30 Ryan

2:15 Emma

3:00 Athena

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