We miss our students

Because we miss all of our students and love them and their families so much we created a virtual drive-by video for the Maples School Community. We love all of our students in Dearborn and wish you all the best of health. Take the time to check all of your teachers’ blogs, iLearn, Google Classroom links so you can keep the learning energy going. We hope to see you all soon.

Cyber Music Lessons

We have had the opportunity to meet a few times through Zoom and Google Chat live chat sessions. This has been a great resource for safely meeting students in small groups while we are all following our Governor’s guidelines to remain in our homes. Check your Music Google Classroom and your ClassDojo for news of upcoming meetings.
Stay safe and make healthy food choices. I hope to see you all again in the real classroom soon,

May I Read a Story to You?

I miss you all so very much and wish I were sitting in our music classroom reading to you in person and seeing all of your smiling faces. As it is we will have to resort to online experiences.

I have prepared the same story in two versions. One is presented with the lower elementary student in mind and the other for upper elementary. I hope you enjoy the story presentation and the rhythm activity. I would love to hear back from you through our Google Classroom or Class Dojo.

Click one of the links below to listen to my story.

May I Bring a Friend 3.4.5 Gr

May I Bring a Friend K.1.2 Gr

Take care and be safe.

Online Live Stream Classes

Wow! I never imagined I would be hosting classes online but that is where we are right now. We have 2 online live stream classes schedule for today. I plan to meet at 12:00 noon and again at 3:00 with some of my Nowlin 4th and 5th grade students. Becker Violin and band students can live stream with me at 1:00 or 2:00 today.
If your child is interested in joining the live stream class have him or her log into our Google Classroom for an active link and details. You can also post a comment here before 11:30 and I will send you links.

later this week I plan to meet up with my Young 5s through 3rd grade students. I would love to read a story to them and engage students in a fun rhythm activity and song.

Be safe and take care of your family. We can enjoy this time together and persevere. I look forward to returning to the classroom in the near future.

Play Along

Here is a fun video to play along with. You will notice there are 4 different symbols. Choose a body percussion per symbol; snap, clap pat, stamp, or find some objects around the house to use as instruments (with permission from you parent or guardian). You could also use a different movement per symbol, such as nod your head, wave arms, tap head, flick your fingers, etc. Have fun with this activity.

Staying Musically Active From Home

I am so sorry we are all going through this right now and I wish you all health and wellness. Please make wise decisions and remember to wash your hands well throughout the day.

Until we can meet again in the classroom here are some engaging activities you can do from home. All students can use the resources at Music Play Online. Students can log in at musicplayonline.com with the username: snow and the password: 2020

Nowlin Students in 4th and 5th grade general music are highly encouraged to post videos of themselves practicing recorder. The videos can be posted in our Google Classroom. I am expecting students to work on the Sundown BAG song sheet sent home with them this past week. All students can post videos of the recorder Karate songs, too. Look for the Recorder tabs at the top of my blog page for additional resources to assist with online learning from home. Students can also use the Recorder resources located on the Music Play Online website.

Becker Instrument Students are expected to post videos 3 times per week of the student practicing concert songs. The videos can be shared with me through our Google Classroom or through our iLearn classroom.

I am here for all of you. If you have any questions please be sure to email me. Please add your email address to subscribe to my blog. I will be posting some additional resources and videos throughout the weeks that we are off.

Pi Day 3.14

Have you ever wondered what Pi sounds like?

Have you ever wondered what Pi. might sound like? Pi is a constant value used in math that represents the ratio of a circumference of a ⭕️ to its diameter. What this video to see how they came up with the way Pi could be represented musically.