Week of May 4th

Monday is Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you!

The supply of Star Wars films is increasing. Any idea why? Is it a change in government regulation?

The assignments for the week are up and I’m trying to streamline check ins and also boot up our iLearn so we can do live classes again. Go to Google Classroom for the assignments.

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Week of April 27th

This week, we have two assignments. You can find them both at Google Classroom. I recommend you start with “How do you think we can increase the supply of tests for Covid-19?” There’s a video to watch, then you need to post to the discussion board.

After that, do the “Supply and Determinants of Supply Quiz.” Everything is due by Friday at 10am.

As you may know, there’s a pause to Google Meets. You’ll have to get your check ins through Remind, email, or Google Classroom. Please watch your email for an updated message from me trying to streamline check ins.

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We Miss You Guys!

We are all thinking of you and missing you. We teachers have spent a lot of time this week trying to find the best way to help you through the end of this school year. Look for updates Sunday or Monday. Until then, watch this video. https://www.facebook.com/Stacycoonrumler/videos/10222070797623661/

Otherwise no new work today. Try to get caught up. Answer questions about government spending for tomorrow (https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NTMzNjMzMDYzMjVa/sa/NzAyNjMwMDg2OTZa/details) and take this government spending quiz due Monday (https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NTMzNjMzMDYzMjVa/a/NzcwNDk4NDE5ODha/details)

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Government Spending Quiz

Today, you’re taking a brief quiz on government spending. It is based on Chapter 10 from the textbook and is due Monday.

Go to https://quizizz.com/join?gc=709954 to take the quiz.

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Questions about Government Spending

This week we are discussing Government spending and resource allocation. Yesterday you watched a presentation of a PPT that discussed these topics (https://drive.google.com/file/d/13G6wybPvrziDtzzuhOSrAg3paNE1wsPe/view?usp=sharing). Considering the information you learned, please answer the following questions. As always, please write in complete sentences.

  1. What is the difference between mandatory and discretionary spending? Give one example of a spending item that fits into both categories.
  2. If you controlled the budget what spending items would you adjust? Would you eliminate anything or add anything? Would you spend less or more on any one category of spending that was discussed in the PPT?

Go to https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NTMzNjMzMDYzMjVa to post your answers.

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How Does Government Spending Affect the Economy?

Are you missing that feeling you can only feel sitting in Mr. Rauscher’s classroom? Now is your big opportunity to recreate that feeling. Go see Mr. Rauscher’s lecture at https://drive.google.com/file/d/13G6wybPvrziDtzzuhOSrAg3paNE1wsPe/view?usp=sharing

You can review the slideshow he used at https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kCXObijYHmI8N7oIIFmaJMacl4GXz6V3szqhoHLDQLg/edit?usp=sharing

The head over to Google Classroom (https://classroom.google.com/u/1/w/NTMzNjMzMDYzMjVa/t/all) and post examples of government spending and how you think they may affect the economy.

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What is Good Debt?

Welcome back from spring break! We’ll start with a video!

Watch the above video, then go to Google Classroom and answer the question. Give examples of good debt or bad debt in a personal budget. What would be a good thing for a person to go into debt for? What would be a bad thing to go into debt for?

Additionally, don’t forget, your current events assignment is due today. https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NTMzNjMzMDYzMjVa/a/NjY5MTY2MzM4NDVa/details

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Spring Break Current Event Assignment

Spring Break Current Event Assignment
Due: Monday 4/13/20
Turn in via Google Classroom upload


Over the past few weeks you have been introduced to several current event news stories that relate to how the current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting economics in the United States and other nations. Your task over break is to find two current event news stories and write one paragraph for each explaining how/why they relate to economics. Make sure to use at least one economic term we have learned for each story.

These stories do not have to be related to the virus if you need a break from virus stuff. They can be articles or videos. As long as they relate to the current world.

Step 1

Find two sources of current event information
Copy and paste the link to those sources into a Google Doc

Step 2

Write one paragraph for each that explains how/why they are important economically speaking.
Use at least one economic term we have used in class for each story and explain how that term applies to this story.

Some suggested sources include The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, CNBC, Yahoo Finance

You can find this assignment on the Google Classroom.

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As Times Change, People Lose Jobs

Listen to this podcast about the future of the cruise industry after the coronavirus from The Economist. http://aca.st/15f624.

One concept to keep in mind is that diseases spreading on cruise ships has been an issue for years now. So then the question becomes: Is this an expected catastrophe or an existing issue that has finally hit its tipping point? Similarly, there have reasons to expect a recession for the last two years. How our economy looks in a year is a big question mark and sorting out what is a standard recession and what is the coronavirus is a big question. So, after listening to this, I ask you, “Will you ever take a cruise in the future?” You can answer over on Google Classroom https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NTMzNjMzMDYzMjVa/sa/NjY2NDE1NzY2ODZa/details

You have two assignments to finish, Counties Work is due tonight at 11:59pm (https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NTMzNjMzMDYzMjVa/a/NTczNDMzMTAxNzVa/details) and the Chapter 10 Learning Objectives are due tomorrow night (https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NTMzNjMzMDYzMjVa/a/NTczNjc5NTAyMzla/details).

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Counties Work

Talking about government spending, it’s worthwhile for you to experience government spending. This is a game that lets you run a small government and make spending decisions.

Go to https://www.icivics.org/games/counties-work

You don´t have to register. Feel free to click ¨No Thanks.¨

Then click ¨new game.¨ Play at normal speed.

Name your county, parish, or borough, then select your character to run the government by browsing faces and outfits. Give yourself a title (I like ¨Grand Poobah¨). Last, select a special department to add to the map. Not every county has the same departments and services, so pick one that works for you!

The main goal of Counties Work is to keep citizens happy by responding to their requests. Residents have many requests for the county and will need your help to carry them out! Once a resident is following you, you must bring the resident to the department on the map that can best fulfill their request. Over time, you’ll want to develop new areas of your community to attract more residents and grow the county’s population. More population means more tax revenue!

Play through the game twice, then answer the questions. It may help to look at the questions ahead of time. The form is at: https://forms.gle/fXaBCJeFHZZQSVP66

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