Spring Break Current Event Assignment

Spring Break Current Event Assignment
Due: Monday 4/13/20
Turn in via Google Classroom upload


Over the past few weeks you have been introduced to several current event news stories that relate to how the current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting economics in the United States and other nations. Your task over break is to find two current event news stories and write one paragraph for each explaining how/why they relate to economics. Make sure to use at least one economic term we have learned for each story.

These stories do not have to be related to the virus if you need a break from virus stuff. They can be articles or videos. As long as they relate to the current world.

Step 1

Find two sources of current event information
Copy and paste the link to those sources into a Google Doc

Step 2

Write one paragraph for each that explains how/why they are important economically speaking.
Use at least one economic term we have used in class for each story and explain how that term applies to this story.

Some suggested sources include The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, CNBC, Yahoo Finance

You can find this assignment on the Google Classroom.

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