April 1, 2020 Lessons

Wednesday 4/01
Reading:Read at least one informational book on kids a-z and answer the questions. On a separate sheet of paper write the main idea and three details to support the main idea. 
Main Idea=What is the story mostly about?
Spelling: stone   joke home    rode woke   note cone broke    rope robe
Have someone give you a practice test.  Any words you have trouble with write five times.
Math:Complete at least one Zearn lesson. 
Writing:Reread your story about a time you were kind to someone.  Add at least 4 adjectives to your story.
Example: If yesterday you wrote: I helped my friend tie her shoes.
Today add an adjective to make your sentence better:I helped my best friend tie her favorite running shoes.
Sight Words:Practice your sight word flashcards with someone.  Put the words that were a bit slower in a separate pile and practice them again. How fast can you read the words? Was it faster than yesterday?

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