Let’s Meet Online!

Let’s try Google Hangout and video chat. I will send you an email tomorrow to your Dearborn Schools email address. For this to work, you must be on Chrome, not Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer. I will set up a Google Hangout meeting for 11:00-11:40.

Here are the instructions:

When joining a Google Hangouts video chat meeting from a
Chromebook or computer, your child must first be logged in to their Dearborn Public School District email. After they have logged in to their email, you will open a new tab or window to get to GoogleHangouts.

The specific directions are below:

  • Go to www.dearbornschools.org homepage.
    *Use Google Chrome. NOT Safari, Firefox, & Internet Explorer will not work for Google Hangouts.
  • Click on Student Portal.
  • Under “Useful links,” click on Student District Email/Google Login.
  • Enter your child’s email username and password. (This is the same information they use to log on to their Chromebooks at school, most students have these numbers memorized.) Email or send a message on remind to your child’s teacher if you need this information.
  • You must be logged in to your school account (Dearborn Schools).
  • In a web browser, enter https://meet.google.com.
  • Click Join a meeting.
  • Enter the meeting nickname that your child’s teacher assigned.
    *If you are going to use a phone to join our Google Hangouts
    session, you have to download the Hangouts Meet APP prior to the session.

    Google Hangouts Rules (please go over these with your child before our first session)
  • Be prepared and on time.
  • Turn on your camera. Remember, we can see you so dress
  • Raise your hand and wait to be called on when you want to speak.
  • Avoid acting silly and being a distraction to others.
  • Use the chat only to ask important questions.
  • Use appropriate , kind, and respectful words. This is still a classroom!

Email address neuensb@dearbornschools.org

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