Lessons Week 3

Tuesday 3/31
Reading: Read at least one book on Kids a-z and answer the questions.  On a separate sheet of paper write your connection. Give at least 2 details.
Spelling: stone   joke home    rode woke   note cone broke    rope robe
Write your spelling words as a pyramid:
Math: Solve the following word problem with a picture, number sentence, and a statement with your answer:Ben’s boat is 5 centimeter cubes long right now.  He wants to make his boat 14 centimeter cubes long.  How many more centimeter cubes does Ben need?
Writing :On a separate sheet of paper write about a time you were kind to someone.
Include a topic sentence, at least three key events and a conclusion.
Social Studies: Use a plain piece of paper to draw a map of your bedroom.  Make sure to include labels!.


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