September 27 Update

Good evening parents, students and families!

Here is a classroom update:

  • Friday, September 28 = Spelling Test
    • Please prepare to succeed!!
  • Monday, October 1 = Field Trip to Belle Isle
    • Thank you to the parents who have agreed to chaperone on our trip. We are so excited for our first field trip of the year! Please remind your students to bring a BAGGED LUNCH ON MONDAY.


  • Math– We are continuing to build on our math skills use the Eureka curriculum. Please use the ‘homework helper’ pages as a reference to help you and your student get the most out of the homework assignments.
  • Reading– Students were given the iReady books. Soon we will get the assessment and resource up and running. Students are continuing to practice their reading stamina in class. Always remember to read at home, too!
  • Writing– Students have been working on their personal narratives. I have previewed some and they look great! I have emphasized the importance of indenting, capitalization, punctuation and providing a title to each piece of writing they complete. Students have been building their work on writing stamina, too!
  • Science– Students have been enjoying science investigations using wires, light bulbs, and batteries. Students had an opportunity to work in groups to create a light bulb circuit and a working electromagnet.
  • Social Studies– We have been covering “Questions Geographers Ask” in regards to location and place. Students have explored the location of the U.S. based on continent, hemisphere and geographic location using the equator and Prime Meridian. Now, students will think about how to describe human and physical characteristics of the United States.

We are continuing to build a productive and focused classroom environment.  I appreciate the support from you all! Let’s keep working to make it a successful year!


Ms. Prebenda