10/2/2020 Assignments

Dear Oakman Parens and Students,

We have many students that are not turning in their work and seem to not listen during class. Students will have a hard time if they are not learning to focus, listen, and try their assignments. We talk about our assignments daily and some do not seem to care that they don’t have work done. Stduents are sleeping or have their cameras off, so when they are called on to answer a question they are not available to answer but their computers are on with nobody next to the computer. Please discuss with your child the importance of having work done, participating on time, and asking questions if they need help.


Both grades should be completing Zearn (the lesson we are on) and Khan academy for 15 minutes daily

What do I turn in?

You will take a picture from your succeed book pages:

5th – 41, 42 (succeed book) and exit ticket – Learn book page 67  page 49 has a place value chart

4th- 21, 22 (succeed book) and exit ticket – Learn book page 35

Zearn- 5th should lesson 9 done

4th should have lesson 4


Mystery Science Lesson which will be online to do.. Please make sure you are answer in your Science Notebook!!!


5th grade Benchmark book- https://bubba-production.benchmarkuniverse.com/bu/dearbornpsd/X57980

Plus you have an assignment on schoology!

4th grade Benchmark book- https://bubba-production.benchmarkuniverse.com/bu/dearbornpsd/X57960

 4th graders, you have an assignment on schoology!

Social Studies- 

Brain Pop video, so make sure you are logged in. The work is for the week!!

These are the directions to get on breain pop:

You have to have an account to get your work done!!

Code: tin6561

1 Go to

2 Click on “Enter Code” at the top.

3 Enter your class code

4 Log in with your personal account or create a new one.

5 Explore!

Don’t forget your username and password! You will need them the next time you visit BrainPOP, so write it in your Social Studies book!!

Any work that is incomplete make sure you are going back and getting your work done. Parents need to remember that your child still has work to do when school hours are done!!

Thank you,

Ms. Mosed

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