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Independent Work 4/21/2021

Writing- Write about why you are Thankful for the Earth (2 paragraphs)

Math– Catch up on your Zearn and Study Island Math

Reading- Read for 20 minutes and write a summary of what you read

Social Studies– was assigned the beginning of the week (please get done)

Science– We did after lunch (12:30 pm- 1:35 pm) today, so students should not have homework, unless they did not participate

Schoology is down but most of the assignments above where done in class. Please remind your child to do the work that is through clever!!

Thank you,

Ms. Mosed

Welcome back video for Hybrid Returning!

Please review the powerpoint that we went over during the Parent Meeting:

A Students that will follow Monday and Thursday Schedule:

  1. Salma
  2. Mohammed
  3. Ibrahim
  4. Gamilah
  5. Muhammed- Abdullah
  6. Fawzia
  7. Eslam
  8. Jaafar
  9. Ghanem

B Students that will follow Tuesday and Friday Schedule:

  1. Lena
  2. Jmal
  3. Hawraa
  4. Ahmed
  5. Sammy
  6. Yusef
  7. Ali
  8. Mariam

Learning labs are starting up again this week!

In order to follow safety protocols, please make a copy of this GOOGLE FORM and rename using your grade and name.Also share with parents so that they can complete on the days that their child is coming in for a learning lab session.Once you have shared this you will be able to keep track of the responses.

Update Phone Numbers

As we prepare for hybrid learning/school reopening please be sure to update your contact information. If you have changed your phone number, please call Miss. Amged at 313-827-6500.

Classwork and Learning Labs 1/26/2021

Independent Work:

Reading- Morning work should be done, read from benchmark books and epic books (20 minutes reading daily)

Math- We took test in class, work on Zearn 

Writing- finish your writing assignment

Social Studies- Read and answer the questions

Spelling- work on Kids A-Z

Make sure you do your work daily and not leave it for the end of the week!!

Learning Labs:

Math- 2:00- 2:40          Ibrahim, Fawzia, Gamilah, Ghanem

Reading- 2:40 3:10       Ibrahim, Fawzia, Ghanem

Math-  3:10- 3:50         Hawraa, Mariam, Yusef, Jmal

This is the daily schedule for students:

8:55- 9:10 Join ZOOM! Spelling until all students join and attendance is taken.

9:10- 10:20 Reading

10:20- 10:30 Snack/Break/Bathroom

10:30-11:45 Math

11:45- 12:25 Lunch

12:25- 1:00 Writing or Social Studies or Science

1:00- 1:50 Specials Assignments (sometimes the teachers will ask to join to help students understand the assignment and/or they have videos to watch to understand what to do on their assignments)

2:00- 3:50 Teacher meets with students in small group (students get independent work completed before school day is done)

3:50 Assignments are turned in and school day has ended!!

Always remind your child, to read daily for 20 minutes to build their vocabulary.


We will start our meetings with everyone muted, so they must raise their hands to ask or answer a question. Most importantly sit in 1 spot and your computer should not be moving. Your body should not be moving. NO dancing, making noises, or making funny faces. DO NOT interrupt class, so keep yourself muted.

We are all learning on how to get our students to learn and enjoy learning at home virtually. Please go over the norms and expectations of being online and rules they should be following.

Thank You,

Ms. Mosed


Spirit Week

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s spirit!


Gingerbread House Decorating Competition- Submit a 1 minute video by Monday.

Are you ready to get creative and have some family fun? We are hosting a Gingerbread House Decorating Competition and you are all invited!

For this competition, we are asking that you DO NOT use a gingerbread house kit.

Get creative and use items such as graham crackers, pretzels, cookies, candy and more

Be sure to create a plan, gather your supplies and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

When you are all done decorating, make a ONE MINUTE VIDEO of your completed house and email the video to Mr. Abu-Rus (

Please submit all videos by noon on Monday, December 14th to be eligible for a drawing to win a prize!

Our Lovely Bungalow: Edible houses

Learning Labs 11/2/2020

Schoology is down, please continue to work on independent work, once schooloy works!  This is the time your child can work on Khan Academy (through clever), Zearn ( , and Epic- class code: rnc7925 (these are not on Schoology)… If they started their writing they can find in clever, in their google docs. Then, they can share it by Emailing it to me.

The Social Studies assignment they can work on later on or tomorrow morning.

Thank you,

Ms. Mosed

Spirit Week

 Please click on link to see what we will do each week!

Monday– dress up wearing black and orange

Tuesday- wear a crazy hat (appropriate for school)

Wednesday– afternoon we will watch a movie from 2:00- 3:45 on ZOOM!

Thursday– Science day- I will give a fun experiment to do at home.

Friday- wear your Halloween Costume and do fun activities online (half day so we will meet from 8:55- 12:00)

Individual Work 10/23/2020

Individual Working Assignments:

REMEMBER YOU ARE WORKING FROM 1:00- 3:50 on your classwork and if you have work to finish make sure you do it!! 

Specials- Art  1:00-1:55

Reading– turn in what you did in class today!!

Read on Epic for 20 minutes daily, Spelling assignments- on spelling city


4th- lesson 13 problem set from learn book and exit ticket

5th- lesson 2 Homework problems 1- 4 and the exit ticket

Khan Academy and Zearn for 15 minutes each

Science– make sure all your work for this week is done!!

Social Studies- I will post the test to start on after 4:00 pm (you will have three chances to retake the test if you want to do better!)

Writing– we went over introduction and second paragraph. Many still did not start. I showed students my example of my third paragraph, so you guys are working on that on your google document!!

Spelling- make sure you finish your spelling work- if its not working for you let me know through your schoology email!

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!! See you guys on Monday.

good day!

Ms. Mosed