Incoming 5th Grade Supplies

Incoming 5th Graders Student Supplies

The school will furnish basic school supplies. However, many students find it more convenient and may prefer their own materials rather than share classroom supplies. Please label all personal items with student’s name since these supplies will belong to your child.

The following items are supplies that your child should bring to school:

  • headphones/earbuds (For Listen to Reading during Daily 5)
    • 4 dry erase markers (10 is ideal-one for each month)
    • 1 dry erase eraser
    • 5 spiral notebooks or composition notebooks (different colors-red, blue, green, black)
    • 5 folders (different colors-red, blue, green, yellow, black)
    • 4 packs of pencils
    • 1 pack of erasers
    • 2 packs of highlighters (different colors)
    • 1 box of colored pencils
    • 1 pack of glue stick (6 glue sticks)
    • 1 small bottle of hand sanitizer
    • 1 pencil box or pencil pouch (to keep school supplies in)
    • 1 ruler
    • 1 refillable water bottle (labeled)
    • 1 backpack
    • 1 pad of sticky notes****NO BINDERS, TRAPPER KEEPERS OR PERMANENT MARKERS!!!

  • Possible Classroom Donations Include:
    • Kleenex
    • Clorox wipes
    • gallon or quart size Ziploc bags
    • paper towels or napkins, paper plates, plastic spoons & forks
    • bandaids
    • white paper lunch bags
    • hand sanitizer
    • Lifesaver mints
    • Smarties
    • dry erase markers
    • sticky notes
    • Wet Ones hand wipes
    • Scotch tape
    • loose leaf lined paper
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4th and 5th grade do 20 minutes of study island

Social Studies and Science:
Finish a lesson from both subjects from study island. ( social studies is done in class but check out your child’s scores)
Science complete the Moon phases sheet.

Activity 3- 4th
Cursive- 5th

30 minutes of reading the lessons. Finish your ELA- writing and language. (This should be done by Sunday)

We will be taking the NWEA Language on Friday. Please remind your child to do Exact Path Language!

Some students are done with their Animal Slides and some are not. Please remind your child to work on their slide. Work on your study island writing if you are done with your slides!
(They are given class time to do all of the work above but some students are not using their class time wisely.)

Tomorrow the 4th graders have Mstep!

Don’t forget your JDRF donations…

We have Science Enrichment and Music tomorrow.

Thank you,
Ms. Mosed

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Homework 4/22/2019

Khan Academy 10 minutes
Zearn 10 minutes
Study island 10 minutes
This should be done daily.

Brain Pop on Earth Day!

Social studies
15 minutes each from study island on a daily basis.

Read for 30 minutes, your child is already doing the reading through study island. They just need to write 3 facts daily of what they learned.

Write about 3 zoo animals that you are interested in writing about.

Test today. Start your work for new spelling words. Many students are not doing their work and it is going to reflect on their report grade for homework.

Please remind your child that study island assignments will be used as a grade. I told the class before spring break that they need to have them done for grades. Many where upset when I reminded them yesterday.

We have started a program to help children with diabetes. Please encourage your child to help our friends with this by donating money for the kids with Diabetes!

Here’s a link to access our online donation page!


Here are helpful video links to educate students about the cause and what is Type 1 Diabetes?


5th grade ELA MStep will be continued tomorrow..

Social Studies MStep for 5th graders will be on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Thank you,
Ms. Mosed

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Zearn 10 min
Khan Academy 10 min
Exact Path Math 10 min

Social Studies
Finish Questions on google classroom. Your child has had these questions for over a week..

Study Island 10 min

5th have ABC order in cursive and color
4th complete an activity online (they had their words given to them last Friday!)

Reread chapter 3 from your online Social Studies book. (google classroom)

Language on Exact path 10 minutes daily!

Write three new facts from what you have read on classdojo.

Tomorrow we will finish NWEA!
Also, we have music as our special.

Report cards went home today, so please only sign on the first line of the envelope and have your child return it. You may keep the report card.

Thank you,
Ms. Mosed

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4th lesson 5 Homework
Both grades should do to help them for NWEA Math using Zearn, exact path math, Khan Academy 10 minutes each

Social Studies:
We took the test!

Study Island 10 minutes

Spelling activity 3–4th grade
Define the words (write the words in cursive)—5th grade

Read from benchmark.

Tomorrow we have both Music and Science!


We will NWEA on Friday!!!

Thank you,
Ms. Mosed

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This week coming up we will be taking the NWEA for Science andLanguage Usage on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Your child may bring gum to chew only during the test!

5th grade has lesson 7
4th and 5th has practicing NWEA, zearn, khan academy, and exact path math

Social Studies:
Finish your study guide
Moby Max and Study Island 10 minutes each

Moby Max and Study Island 10 minutes each

Took test in class and everyone has their test scores!

Read from Social Studies book on google classroom and study island articles

Before coming back to class think about what your decisions would be about the following question:
Should students be allowed to have cell phones at school?

Your answer should not be in yes or no but in a complete sentence.

I believe students should be allowed to have cell phones at school.


I believe students should not be able to have cell phones at school.

Once you have chosen one give me three reasons why in three complete sentences.

Thank you,
Ms. Mosed

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Practice for math on the NWEA site provided on google classroom. Go onto Zearn and Exact Path Math for a total of 30 minutes

Science and Social Studies:
Go onto Mobymax for both subjects and Study Island for 10 minutes each.

5th had definitions and 4th has activity lesson 3 on ilearn.

Read for 20 minutes on Epic, Benchmark, and Exact Path Reading. Please write in your Journal.

Tomorrow we have Science and Music!

Also, students were given a form for parents to sign to see their child’s progress in Math Exact Path. Please sign and return tomorrow.

Thank you,
Ms. Mosed

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Tuesday: Sports Day/Oakman Gear (Favorite jersey, Oakman shirt)
The purpose of spirit week is to get students to donate a $1 a day to be able to send to the kids in Yemen.

4th Zearn and Exact Path 30 minutes total
5th lesson 5 homework pages 99-102 and zearn 15 minutes

Science and Social Studies:
Moby Max for each subject 15 minutes
5th has google classroom videos and summary due tomorrow for Social studies

20 minutes and write in your journal
Also, reread the story pages 22-25 on Stanley. Use post-its to identify words they are unfamiliar too.
5th need to identify at least 5 words and 4th have to identify 8 words, Please define the meaning of the word.

4th Activity 1 on iLearn
5th have ABC order with colors

Tomorrow we have Music and Library

Spirit Week
(December 17-21)

Monday: Dress to Impress (Favorite dress, suits, tie, nice hair)

Tuesday: Sports Day/Oakman Gear (Favorite jersey, Oakman shirt)

Wednesday: Crazy Scientist Day (Crazy hair, wear older brother/dads button up shirt, white coat, safety glasses )

Thursday: Pajama Day

Friday: Wear Holiday Colors (green & red, santa hat)
The purpose of spirit week is to get students to donate a $1 a day to be able to send to the kids in Yemen.

Thank you,
Ms. Mosed

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Dates to Remember

12/12 – Late Start
12/13 – Winter Concert 3rd & 5th performing@2 ( parents are invited).
12/19 – Science Hands on Museum Assembly- PK-2 @1:15-2:00 & 3-5 @ 2:15.
12/21 – Holiday Sing Along @ 2 in the gym.
12/24 – 01/04/19 Winter Break:) Happy New Year!

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Homework 12/3/2018

Math: 20 minutes
Exact path daily on Math for 10 minutes

Took test and start activity 1

5th Spelling Words

1. airproof
2. balloon
3. proofread
4. afternoon
5. doorknob
6. football
7. raccoon
8. moody
9. caboose
10. snoozes
11. flooded
12. fireproof
13. cookie
14. restroom
15. teaspoon
16. continent
17. colonists
18. settlement
19. exploration
20. native

4th Spelling Words (on iLearn)
push factor
pull factor

Read for 20 minutes and write in Journal. Remember they may chose to read from benchmark by adding to their reading journal online.

Wednesday we have our field trip!

Thank you,
Ms. Mosed

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