A Group (5th) At Home Assignments 6/04/2021

Snoopy: Happy Friday, Have a Groovy Weekend! via GIPHY gif with kites,  flowers, Woodstock and friend. | Good morning snoopy, Happy friday gif,  Snoopy friday

9:05- 9:50 PE- gym

9:55- 10:40 Music

10:45- 11:30 Science Enrichment

Reading– work on Study Island Reading

Math: work on Study Island Math, Catch up in zearn (L13- 5th)

Social Studies and Science: Complete missing your assignments
Next Week for Social Studies and Science you will have a quiz!!

Writing: take notes on credible sources to develop a research project (many students need to redo last weeks assignment) and My Time at Oakman Writing

Complete any missing…

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