9/25/2020 Afternoon Schedule

Complete the following assignments:

Social Studies: 

Watch the Brian pop jr. video about School:



Draw a picture of your school and write in your notebook:

Why does a school have rules?

What are some school rules that you followed last school year?



Please listen to the read aloud:

Type all 3 sentences:

 I would feel ______________ if I were the duck.

 Duck’s friend showed a cooperation by ______________ .

 The farmer did not fulfill his duties which made the animals feel ___________.

When you are done listening to the story write these sentences down on the board, then type it. Type your sentences in the box.

Click Submit assignment

Type your sentences

Click submit

Read daily on epic or benchmark!!



Please share page 17 from your Learn book exit ticket Lesson 4.

Also, share a picture of your homework from your succeed book page 17 and 18.

Make sure you have Zearn lesson 4 completed. All of my students should have lessons 1-4 completed.

Remember boys and girls these assignments are due today at 3:45 pm. 

Thank you,

Ms. Mosed

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