9/24/2020 Assignments/Classwork

Please watch video we watched together in class.

Please record yourself telling me how you feel about children bring involved in the march. And give 3 reasons why you agreed or disagreed.

Do you agree that the adults should have let the children march?
Reason 1 
Reason 2 
Reason 3 

For example:

Do you agree that the adults should have let the children march?
OpinionI disagree with the author that the children should have marched.
Reason 1It is too dangerous for the kids.  In the book, kids were attacked by hate dogs and strong water pressure that physically hurt them.
Reason 2I don’t think the little kids really understood what they were marching for.  My five year old brother wouldn’t understand what is going on.
Reason 3I think that the adults should have marched instead even though they might lose their jobs.  Not every adult had to march.  The ones without a job could have marched. 

It is important to give reasons for your opinions.  Look at poster above as a model of what you’ll be doing.

Remember!  You may disagree with my opinion but be respectful!

Read daily on getepic.com (classcode: rnc7925) or read https://bubba-production.benchmarkuniverse.com/bu/dearbornpsd/X51918


We are not meeting, but your child should have work done before 3:45 pm!!

Please watch the video from Mystery Science:


Mystery Science Directions

1. Get your composition book and a pen/pencil and crayons or colored pencils

2. Draw a picture of 3 things you learned from this video.  Write a sentence when you are done. 

3. Turn in your assignment by clicking on the submit assignment button to the right>>>>>>

4. To take a picture of your picture and sentence – click the blue button that says start recording

5. Hold your book up to the camera and hold it very still.

6. Count to 10

7. Click stop recording

8. Click upload

9. In your composition book write about what you would like to learn more about from this video.


We did page 19 from our Practice book, but did not check the whole page. Please show a picture on the recording. Also, I asked students during math time to do page 15 from their Learn book. Your child did the work in class, so they must show me that they were working by sending an audio/video of their work.

Specials Assignemts are on Schoology:

Monday- Science Enrichment

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Media Center

Thursday- Gym

Friday- Music

Don’t forget if you scheduled to take the Math NWEA we will be on Zoom at 1:45 to get session name and password. Please have your materials ready and your chrome charged.

Thank you,

Ms. Mosed

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