Week-5 Online Learning

This week’s schedule is posted on the main school website, iblog, and Google Classroom. Click on 4th Grade- Srour


We need to work together to ensure our children are well prepared for the upcoming school year! I will be making phone calls week if work for previous weeks has not been submitted yet or students have NOT met at all for a Google Meet. Please, feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns.

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Special Area Online Learning Schedule

Dear Parents and Students,

The special area teachers hope everyone is safe and healthy! They created iLearn courses for each grade level. Below they created two videos on how to log in to learn and how to use a feature called Big Blue Button. This is where all the special area teachers will be putting their lessons and how they will be communicating with families. Each grade level will have a day where they will have a video chat with a special area teacher. Here is the schedule:

Monday: 2nd Grade @ 3:30
Tuesday: K/y5/1st @ 3:30
Wednesday: 5th Grade @ 3:30
Thursday: 4th Grade @ 3:30
Friday: 3rd Grade @ 3:30

How to Login to iLearn:
Big Blue Button Video:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the special area teachers. Here is all of their contact information:

Ms. Holmes:Holmesj1@dearbornschools.org
Ms. Beck: Becks@dearbornschools.org
Ms. McCormick: mccormk@dearbornschools.org
Ms. Russell: Russeld@dearbornschools.org
Ms. Bruce: Brucep1@dearbornschools.org
Ms. Cook: Cookc1@dearbornschools.org
Ms. Suarez: suarezc@dearbornschools.org
Ms. Ackerman: ackermm@dearbornschools.org
Ms. Harrison: harrisc1@dearbornschools.org
Help Desk: 313-827-8400 or parenthelp@dearbornschools.org

Have a great week!

~Special Area Team

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Spring Break Staycation at the Buddy Holly Center, Mar. 16 to 20
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Report Cards

Dear Parents, 
Grades will be available soon. Report cards will not be printed, meaning they will not be mailed out. Instead, you will be able to access them on Parent Connect. These are directions on how to set that up. We will let you know when they are available. 

Steps to see grades: 

  1. Click on:

  1. Scroll down and click on “Parent Portal.”
  1. Scroll down. Click on “Parent Connect.”
  1. Click on “Log in.”
  1. Click on “Need Your Login Information?”
  1. Enter your email address and hit “Submit.” 
  1. Check your email for the pin and password. It will show up as “ParentConnection.”

Enter your pin and password. Click on Login.” 

  1. Finally, click on “Marks” and you will see your child’s grades.  Great job following these directions! 👍🏻👏🏻 

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It’s Virtual Spirit Week!

Dear Parents,

Please, send me your child’s photos or videos of participating in Spirit Week from home on ClassDojo, Google Classroom or text them to 313-451-1766 to share our building social media. We want to celebrate HFES Broncos!

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HFES Resource Number

Dear Parents,

You can call 313-451-1766 as the temporary school number during this time. Leave a voice or text message from 9am-4pm & assistance will be provided. You can or videos of your child working from home 313-451-1766 to share our building social media. We want to celebrate HFES Broncos’ learning!

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Dear Parents,

Social Work Support

This email was shared with all teachers to be shared with our parents. Please, take a few moments to read this email and feel free to add your name to the attached document to be provided with support.

Good Afternoon, 
I hope you’re all doing well! I created a google form for our students and their families to fill out if they are in need of any services. It is a simple questionnaire for them to fill out if needed. 
Teachers, please share this form with your students and their parents/guardians. Also, if you are aware of a student/family that may be struggling and can benefit from some support, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I will do what I am able to provide support/services for them. 
 HFE – Social Work Support

Thank you, 

Liala Sobh, LLMSWSchool Social WorkerHenry Ford Elementary School 
“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi 

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Henry Ford Elementary School

Chromebook Troubleshooting

Having trouble with your Chromebook? Try this!

If you have checked out a school Chromebook and are having issues connecting try the steps listed below.
1. Turn off the Chromebook (holding the power button is okay)

2. Turn the Chromebook back on.

3. Connect to your home WiFi.

4. You should see a screen that says “Sign in to your Chromebook”. Leave the Chromebook on this screen for 5-10 minutes.

5. Restart the Chromebook again.

إذا قمت بسحب جهاز كمبيوتر محمول في المدرسة وكنت تواجه مشكلات في الاتصال ، فجرّب الخطوات الواردة أدناه.

  1. قم بإيقاف تشغيل الكمبيوتر المحمول (مع الاستمرار في الضغط على زر الطاقة)
  2. أعد تشغيل الكمبيوتر المحمول.
  3. الاتصال بشبكة واي فاي منزلك.
  4. يجب أن تشاهد شاشة تقول “تسجيل الدخول إلى الكمبيوتر المحمول”. اترك الكمبيوتر المحمول على هذه الشاشة لمدة 5-10 دقائق.
  5. أعد تشغيل الكمبيوتر المحمول مرة أخرى.

Reminder: Online Learning

Good afternoon, Henry Ford Families!

We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

This is a reminder of our online learning at Henry Ford Elementary school website. Please, find the 4th-grade grid to find the assignments for the whole week. We hope everything goes back to normal very soon!

If you have questions please feel free to contact me on ClassDojo, Google Classroom, or email me at Srours@dearbornschools.org

Click on the link to find week 2 assignments.

4th Grade- Ahmad, Alheyasi, Mozham, Srour

For troubleshooting with Chromebooks, you can call 313-827-8400

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