• Building stamina 25 minutes
  • CAFE strategies: Comprehension: check for understanding, continue to Tune into Interesting Words.
  • Students will work on identifying the main idea and the focus of a text.
  • Fluency: Read Text to convey meaning
  • Expand Vocabulary: Voracious Reading and using dictionaries, glossaries, and thesauruses as tools.
  • Review: read to self, work on writing, word work, read to someone and 3 ways to read a book.

Read together

Children who read at home with their parents perform better in school. Show your kids how much you value reading by keeping good books, magazine, and newspapers in the house. Let them see you read. Take them on trips to the library and encourage them to get library cards. Let children read to you, and talk about the books. What was the book about? Why did a character act that way? What will he or she do next? Look for other ways to teach children the magic of language, words, and stories. Tell stories to your children about their families and their culture. Point out words to children wherever you go — to the grocery, to the pharmacy, to the gas station. Encourage your children to write notes to grandparents and other relatives.