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Due to forecasted severe weather and accumulation of ice, Dr. Maleyko has made the call. All Dearborn Public Schools will be closed on Wednesday, February 22, 2023. This includes all afterschool activities. Please be safe and enjoy the day.

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January Newsletter

The Month of January was a fun and busy Month for Room 110. We started the month by talking about 2023 and our goals for the New Year. We practiced lots of different letter sounds, and identifying the words that goes with those letters. Our letters for the Month were T, W, H, O, S, L, B, D, P, and C. We also read many stories like The Night Before New Years, The Snowy Day, and The Mitten. During Reading time we work on having calm bodies, listening ears, quiet voices, and nice hands and feet! After we read we talk about our story. This Months goal for reading is to be able to identify the main character of the story, and also be able to tell the difference between words and pictures. The kids enjoyed exploring new pictures and words with our weekly stories. We also had fun exploring and advancing our math skills with fractions. We practiced fractions by slicing pizza, slicing fruit, and filling our snowman bellies! Our News 2 You articles that relate to the community and our world around us, taught us about a New Disney Exhibit coming to town, A Snow Festival in Sweden, and a Kids City Competition about creating better cities in the future! Besides all the fun and learning that happened in the classroom, we also had a lot of fun outside of the classroom this month! We ended the month with a splash at the pool! The kids had so much fun exploring a wet environment with lots of splashing and floating in the lazy river. Enjoy some pictures from the month of January!

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Swimming Day!

If you haven’t already turned in your permission slip please make sure to fill it out and send tomorrow, so your child can attend the swimming field trip.

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You Are Invited!

Please join us for our January parent partnership meeting. At this meeting, the topic of discussion will be on fostering independence. Our Kindergarten Teacher, Angela Carman and our Elementary Special Education Teacher, Melissa Roskelly will guide us in learning the importance of building independence and ways to empower our children to be more independent and responsible at home and school. Refreshments will be provided.

For:  Parent Partnership Meeting

Topic: Fostering Independence

Date: Friday, January 27, 2023

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Location: Howe Cafeteria

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Snow Day!!

All Dearborn Public Schools will be closed on Wednesday, January 25, 2023. Please be safe and enjoy the day.

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The Week of January 16th

This week we focused on learning about Fractions for Math. We practiced making fractions by slicing fruits in half, and filling our snowmans bellies! Our Story of the week is Snowy Day. For Reading Comprehension we focused on identifying our core words and making connections with them in the story. We also focused on identifying the Main character, Peter. Our focus letters of the week for phonics and writing are S, L, B. We practice our letters and sounds by matching picture/word symbols, using writing utensils, and using our voices during the letter song. For Social Studies we learned about the Kiruna Snow Festival and talked about the Snow competitions you see at the festival! We also talked about MLK and what an influence he was to our Governmental System and peoples rights. The kids had a great week of learning and exploring!

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Happy New Year & Welcome Back

Hello families,

Happy New Year and Welcome back from a long Winter Break! I hope everyone enjoyed the two weeks off and surprise Snow day. I spent my time off with family, friends, and caught up on some much needed sleep! It was a wonderful Winter break but I am excited to be back at school, and the kids sure were excited all week as well!

For the Month of January we will focus on identifying and creating fractions during our Math time. Our Focus for Reading will be identifying pictures from words in a familiar story, while also identifying and making connections with a Main Character in the story. Daily we work on different Letters and our focus letters this week was T, W, H, O. Our Science lessons will focus on the relationship of the needs of different plants, animals, humans and the places we live. Lastly, our Social Studies lessons are about Purposes of Government.

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