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Last Day of Summer School

Hello Friends! Happy Last Day of Summer School 🙂 Time sure flew by this summer. I hope you all enjoyed reading our book and completing the activities that went along with it. Thank you to all the families for joining the meetings, and following along at home! You all did great work this summer. I cant wait to see what the beginning of the school year will look like for us. Make sure to check out the videos below to review our last reading and activities for the day! I miss everyone and hope you can enjoy the little bit of summer that we have left. Get outside, play with your family and friends, and have some fun in the sun! Hope to see you all ASAP <3

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Week 5: Day 19

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday! I cant believe we finished our book today. I loved reading this book with you and hope you and your family enjoyed reading it together. Check out the videos below to review what we learned today!

Reminder: Tomorrow is our last day of the summer school program! I cant believe how quickly time has flown by. I hope to see my friends tomorrow at 10 Am for our final hangout session for summer school!

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Group Therapy

We are talking about things we like to do with our friends for our last week of summer school. We encourage everyone to do something for or with your friends (or siblings). You could go to a playground, make a card with homemade paint, or make fruit smoothies. Be sure to check out our ancillary slides with videos and songs as well as our recorded therapy session. Have a great week!

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Week 5: Day 18

Hello Friends. Today is our last Tuesday of summer school! It was so nice to see some friends today. Check out the videos below to see what we learned 🙂 Hope to see you all tomorrow for our last Wednesday!

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Week 5: Day 17

Hello Friends!! Welcome to our last week of Summer School!! It was nice seeing some familiar faces today. Check out the videos below to review what we learned today 🙂

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PT Tips

August is a great time to get outside and explore some new playgrounds! Please check out this resource for playground safety tips, swinging, climbing, sliding and jumping fun. Don’t forget to check out the list of all the accessible playgrounds!–

Letrisha Stallard, DPT Physical Therapist Dearborn Schools

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Week 4: Day 16

Happy Thursday friends!! We have one more week of summer school so make sure to join us on Monday for our weekly Therapy hangout, at 10 am. Before you enjoy the weekend check out the videos below to see what we learned about today!

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Week 4: Day 15

Hello friends, Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is enjoying this rainy weather today. Jameson was so excited to see and feel the rain outside this morning! He loves rainy days because of the puddles he can splash in during and after 🙂 I love them because it takes Zero effort and he gets all his energy out and enjoys the water! If your into playing in the rain, like Jameson is, try and get outside today. I missed my friends this morning , but below is videos of the lessons for today. Tomorrow is our last day of school this week so I hope to see some friends!

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Week 4: Day 14

Hello Friends, it was so nice seeing familiar faces this morning! For my friends that couldn’t join, below are videos of what we learned today! Hope to see you all tomorrow at 10 Am for our daily hangout 🙂

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Therapy Monday!

We had our fourth summer school therapy group today. We appreciate all of our friends who were able to make it, and we hope to see you all next week! I have attached the Google Slide presentation below. You could read it to your child, and dance and sing along with the videos.

Below is a Recorded Group Therapy Session where Ms. Dawn, Ms. Letrisha, and Ms. Syeda go through the slides and songs together

We shared how to make sensory bottles and sensory bags today. Please watch the videos in the PDF file to learn more details about how to make them. While making the sensory bottle and bag, ask your child if they want to put in “more” items in the container. Have your child grasp items and release them into the bottle or bag. To further practice their grasping skills, have your child practice holding onto the sensory bottle or bag. After making the sensory bag, have your child press their hands on top of the bag. To practice head/neck control and eye gaze, parents can hold the sensory bottle and move it to the right and left of the child and ask the child to follow the bottle. 
Practice the movements of the songs and show your child how to respond to the questions by using his or her primary mode of communication. Our core vocabulary words for this week are ‘More’ and ‘Done’. Modes of communication include eye gaze (look at ‘more’ or ‘done’ symbols), body movements (nod head ‘yes’ or shake head ‘no’), gestures (point to ‘more’ or ‘done’ picture symbols, use hands to sign ‘more’ or ‘done’), or vocalizations (“more”, “done”). 

Please let us know if you have any questions! 
Your therapy team, Syeda Mahmood (OT), Letrisha Stallard (PT) and Dawn Hunt (SLP)

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