Final Grading Notice

I have looked through all submssions and have completed grading for ALL classes today. If you intend to submit undone work, YOU MUST EMAIL ME to let me know you’ve submitted work, or I may not see it. Look in Student Connect to see your final grade for the 4th quarter and the Semester. Any questions or concerns, email

Final Assignment Submission

ONE MORE TIME, DO NOT SEND ME YOUR FINAL ASSIGNMENT WITHOUT A SENTENCE AND WHO YOU ARE, AS YOU WILL NOT GET CREDIT. The website just calls you a Guest and adds no name, just your art. It is your job as a student to upload to Google Classroom, or to my email telling me what you are sending, and who you are! if you arent doing that, no credit. Just like at school, No Name on your Work, no Grade. Sorry.

Week 11- WORD ART

This is our final art assignment of the year. Next week will be used for students to do any undone assignments to raise your grade. You will be creating digital WORD ART about your FEELINGS or THOUGHTS about one of 4 different subjects. 1. Summer Activities 2. Your Interests and Hobbies 3. Your Future Career Interests 4. Words that Describe your Personality.
First click the link to Then you must go through the list of categories and choose a SHAPE, a FONT, WORDS, and LAYOUT to build your Word Art. YOU MUST decide on AT LEAST 12 WORDS that relate to your subject to type in and create your Art. Once you have chosen all the parts, Click VISUALIZE to see if you like what you´ve made. If not, you can go back and edit until you like. If you DO like, look for the SHARE button in the blue bar at the top left.

You then can SHARE with me by copying the link into your Google Classroom submission, ONLY. If for any reason you cannot do this, or have access to a computer, you must do this project by hand with markers. If you have any questions, please email me at

Week 10: Found Object Color Wheel due Friday, May 29

For this weeks project, you are going on another scavenger hunt. You’ll be looking for colorful objects you can gather and arrange to resemble a color wheel. You’ll then be taking a photo of the project and emailing me the results. Watch the video, look at the directions and the sample.

Mr. Kade Art Class Week 10: Found Object Color Wheel

A Color Wheel is: A circular diagram used to arrange colors in a way to better understand how they are made (or mixed) and how they interact with each other in fashion, art and design.

Project Requirements:  Create a color wheel using different colored objects from around the house. It’s trickier than it seems, and you might have to search a little to get all the colors. Grab a bag and grab brightly colored objects- think toys, clothes, lego, food, or whatever you can find. Arrange at least 12 ITEMS in a circle and remember to put them in the correct order, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. Try to fit in other shades of colors if you can find them. 

If you want to step up your game, try creating the color without using food or clothing, that’s really a challenge! Don’t limit yourself to inside the house either, think OUTSIDE the box,  and have fun! DUE FRIDAY MAY, 29th.

Grading Update 5/25

Hello, I want to give a quick update about grading as we are getting close to the end of the school year, and we have 3 weeks left, or 12 school days remaining. We will have 2 more Art Projects remaining, one is due May 29 and the last is due June 5. I will be updating grading in all classes every day as work comes in to me, so check Parent or Student Connect to know your current grade and what project you may be missing. It is helpful to email me to notify me of your submission, or to ask any questions you have about your grade or missing work.

I will be accepting all late work until the end of the year/June 11, when grades are due.

Week 9: May 18 – 21st

Pottery Pattern Scavenger Hunt– Had we been still in the building, we’d have been elbow deep in clay projects having all kinds of fun. Since we can’t do that, we’re still going to try to make the best of our situation and make 5 virtual projects this week. We’ll be using Photography to create your projects this week, so your hands won’t get dirty! The first step is looking through the handout and presentation to understand what is being asked of you. LOOK ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM for proper presentation I cannot upload here.

  1. Decide what shape of ceramic Vessel or Vase you’d like to create.
  2. Fold a blank piece of paper in half vertically, and draw half of your vase on it, with the open side of your vase toward the fold. Think symmetry, or both halves being identical.
  3. Cut the paper along your line until you have the shape of your vase cut out of the paper.
  4. You now have a negative space in your paper that represents your clay vessel or vase.
  5. Take your “vase” and look through it as you are going around the house looking for different patterns that YOU MIGHT PAINT ON YOUR VASE if we were back at school.
  6. TAKE 5 DIFFERENT PHOTOS of your vase over DIFFERENT patterns or textures.
  7. You can edit your photos in an APP if you’d like before turning them in.
  8. Turn in 5 PHOTOS OF YOUR VASE for FULL CREDIT. DUE THURSDAY. 15 points.

Week 8: May 11- 15

SUMMATIVE PROJECT- TEST : This week’s project is to be one of our SUMMATIVE FINAL EXAMS for this class. It is important that you take your time and do well as this project will be a major factor to your overall grade for the cardmarking and semester. Summative grades represent 75% of your overall grade and prove skill mastery. You will be folding, cutting, decorating, and gluing together a moving paper fish sculpture for this project.

PROCESS: 1. Get paper. Any paper (min. 8x 11). Colored paper works best, but you can use copy paper, newspaper, an old folder, even a cereal box. 2. Make sure paper is square (Cut it if necessary). 3. Fold accordingly to video. 4. Cut according to video. 5. Before connecting DESIGN and COLOR fish with a pattern of some kind, stripes, scales, dots, etc. 6. Connect body of fish with GLUE, or tape if no glue. 7. Add fins, tail and eyes. (If you don’t have colored paper, color these with markers). 8. Photograph and turn in. GRADING RUBRIC: 15 points=A project is fully colored and has pattern all over fish, built well. 13 points=B Built well, pattern on some of fish. 10 points= C Built well, little color, missing parts or small.