Week 8: May 11- 15

SUMMATIVE PROJECT- TEST : This week’s project is to be one of our SUMMATIVE FINAL EXAMS for this class. It is important that you take your time and do well as this project will be a major factor to your overall grade for the cardmarking and semester. Summative grades represent 75% of your overall grade and prove skill mastery. You will be folding, cutting, decorating, and gluing together a moving paper fish sculpture for this project.

PROCESS: 1. Get paper. Any paper (min. 8x 11). Colored paper works best, but you can use copy paper, newspaper, an old folder, even a cereal box. 2. Make sure paper is square (Cut it if necessary). 3. Fold accordingly to video. 4. Cut according to video. 5. Before connecting DESIGN and COLOR fish with a pattern of some kind, stripes, scales, dots, etc. 6. Connect body of fish with GLUE, or tape if no glue. 7. Add fins, tail and eyes. (If you don’t have colored paper, color these with markers). 8. Photograph and turn in. GRADING RUBRIC: 15 points=A project is fully colored and has pattern all over fish, built well. 13 points=B Built well, pattern on some of fish. 10 points= C Built well, little color, missing parts or small.

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