Week 9: May 18 – 21st

Pottery Pattern Scavenger Hunt– Had we been still in the building, we’d have been elbow deep in clay projects having all kinds of fun. Since we can’t do that, we’re still going to try to make the best of our situation and make 5 virtual projects this week. We’ll be using Photography to create your projects this week, so your hands won’t get dirty! The first step is looking through the handout and presentation to understand what is being asked of you. LOOK ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM for proper presentation I cannot upload here.

  1. Decide what shape of ceramic Vessel or Vase you’d like to create.
  2. Fold a blank piece of paper in half vertically, and draw half of your vase on it, with the open side of your vase toward the fold. Think symmetry, or both halves being identical.
  3. Cut the paper along your line until you have the shape of your vase cut out of the paper.
  4. You now have a negative space in your paper that represents your clay vessel or vase.
  5. Take your “vase” and look through it as you are going around the house looking for different patterns that YOU MIGHT PAINT ON YOUR VASE if we were back at school.
  6. TAKE 5 DIFFERENT PHOTOS of your vase over DIFFERENT patterns or textures.
  7. You can edit your photos in an APP if you’d like before turning them in.
  8. Turn in 5 PHOTOS OF YOUR VASE for FULL CREDIT. DUE THURSDAY. 15 points.

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