Week 10: Found Object Color Wheel due Friday, May 29

For this weeks project, you are going on another scavenger hunt. You’ll be looking for colorful objects you can gather and arrange to resemble a color wheel. You’ll then be taking a photo of the project and emailing me the results. Watch the video, look at the directions and the sample.

Mr. Kade Art Class Week 10: Found Object Color Wheel

A Color Wheel is: A circular diagram used to arrange colors in a way to better understand how they are made (or mixed) and how they interact with each other in fashion, art and design.

Project Requirements:  Create a color wheel using different colored objects from around the house. It’s trickier than it seems, and you might have to search a little to get all the colors. Grab a bag and grab brightly colored objects- think toys, clothes, lego, food, or whatever you can find. Arrange at least 12 ITEMS in a circle and remember to put them in the correct order, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. Try to fit in other shades of colors if you can find them. 

If you want to step up your game, try creating the color without using food or clothing, that’s really a challenge! Don’t limit yourself to inside the house either, think OUTSIDE the box,  and have fun! DUE FRIDAY MAY, 29th.

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