Marketing Ch. 1 + 2 Resources

MKTG Ch. 1 PPT  marketing-essentials_-chapter-1_-marketing-is-all-around-us_

MKTG Ch. 2 PPT  marketing-essentials_-chapter-2_-the-marketing-plan_

MKTG Unit 1 Practice Test  mktg-unit-1-practice-test

MKTG Ch. 1 Graphic Organizer    MKTG Ch. 1 Graphic Organizer KEY

MKTG Ch. 1 Key Concepts   MKTG Ch. 1 Key Concepts Key

MKTG Ch. 2 Graphic Organizer   MKTG Ch. 2 Graphic Organizer Key

MKTG Ch. 2 Key Concepts   MKTG Ch. 2 Key Concepts Key

MKTG Unit One Study Guide   MKTG Unit 1 Study Guide

MKTG Ch. 1+2 Review Jeopardy   MKTG Ch. 1+2 Review Jeopardy



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