Basketball Skills (April 27-May 8)

I hope everyone is doing well and continuing to stay safe. Please make sure you are doing everything possible to stay safe. It would be a great idea to watch our governor talk on T.V. often so you can stay up to date on the news going on with COVID 19. If you are unable to watch maybe your parents can keep you updated. Don’t forget to keep your hands clean!

Please make sure you are keeping track of your login sheet. Make sure you are doing all the required parts. The login sheet can be found under the class links where it says PE daily login sheet and click on that. You can update that login sheet and send it to me so I can give you credit. It that simple!! Don’t forget to have your parents print their name in the parent box each day to confirm you participated. If you missed a day you can do double one day and give yourself credit for the day you missed. You can also make up days on the weekend if you missed a day and go back and fill in that day as if you did your required work that day. I hope that helps out. Also If you are sick and can’t make up a day because you just have to much going on just label that day sick and you will be excused. I am allowing you to make up days. So please try your best to do that. Also, please make sure to check out the district PE blog as well. Their are a lot of fun activities you can do and things you can read. It under class links. YOU CAN SEND ME THE LOGIN SHEET THIS WEEK FOR THE APRIL DATES. THEN YOU CAN SEND IT AGAIN IN THE MIDDLE OF MAY. AFTER THAT, YOU CAN SEND IT AGAIN AT THE END OF MAY. I WILL NOT COUNT IT LATE IF YOU SEND IT TO ME LATER THAN THE DATES. BUT PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU KEEP DOING WHAT I ASKED YOU TO. JUST MAKE SURE ITS UP TO DATE WHEN YOU SEND IT. I’m trying to make this very simple for all of you!!

This week unit will focus on basketball. Take some time to review all the videos under the basketball tab. After watching the videos take some time to practice them if you have a basketball. If you do have a basketball ask your parents if you can go outside and practice the skills in your backyard. You do not have to practice the skills physically. You may only go outside with your parents permission. It is not a requirement to go outside and practice. However, it is a requirement to watch the videos under the basketball tab.

Have a great week and please stay safe!! If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Stay active and complete your login sheet!

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