Continue practicing soccer unit this week (April 20-24)

I would like for you to continue practicing the soccer unit from last week. Please see last weeks post and review that unit again. We will start a new unit every two weeks. Please make sure to check my postings every Monday to stay caught up.

Please make sure you are keeping up with the my PE login sheet. It is found on the right under class links. Make sure you are participating in the required section. Don’t forget to make your parents print their name where it says parent signature. They can just print their name in that box indicating you participated. Also, don’t forget to check out the the district PE blog. There are many fun activities you can take part in and many interesting other things you can check out.

Please remember to keep clean and wash your hands frequently with soap. Keep your hands off your face. We covered many important topics in class about proper hygiene and how to keep clean to avoid getting sick. Stay safe! Happy Ramadan!

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