A Look Ahead at Week 10 of Y5s!

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Hello Families!

We are already on week 10! Happy beginning of November to all of you!!!!

Here is our week ahead….

Ms. Mehrhof’s Class Week 10 Schedule

There will be no school for students tomorrow, Tuesday Nov. 3rd!

It is election day on Tuesday! Last week we talked about what it means to vote as we voted on what movie we will watch for spirit week’s movie day! Today we listened to “Duck for President” by D. Cronin.

Duck for President by D. Cronin (on youtube)
We began Unit 2- Every Story has Characters in Benchmark. We listened to “Little Red Riding Hood” and identified the characters with our drawings.
We began Module 2 un Eureka Math. We are learning about 2D shapes

Please remember to check your child’s email for their NWEA test results. You will also be receiving your child’s report card this week! Thank you for all you do!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

Happy Halloween and Spirit Week Learning and Fun!

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Hello Families! We had such an amazing week! Take a look at what we have been doing!

I wish you all a fun and safe Halloween weekend!!!!!

Math story with Ms. Mehrhof
Sink or float activity with Ms. Mehrhof
Ms. Mehrhof reading Linda Williams’s book “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything”
Sink or Float with Cookie Monster
One of our Favorite Halloween Dances!
We did a RAN chart for Pumpkins!
We strung 10 cubes! “4…..one more makes 5. 5…one more makes 6….”
Our Halloween math story problem
This friend dressed up as Marshall
We made a tower taller than the orange of our pumpkins
We measured how tall our pumpkins are with our cubes
4 +1 = 5 pumpkins!!!
These friends found grapes, gloves, and glasses for the sound of the letter Gg.
We drew our hypothesis before investigating if our pumpkin would sink or float
We recorded the result! The pumpkin sank to the bottom of the bowl!
This friend dressed as a witch
This friend dressed as a tiger
This friend dressed as Spiderman
This friend dressed as a skeleton
This friend dressed as a princess
This friend dressed as a fairy princess
This friend dressed as a mermaid
We made towers that were taller than our pumpkins
We drew what our Halloween costume is!
We drew what our Halloween costume is
These friends dressed as Batman
We learned the sight word see and found it as we read our book…”Pumpkin Faces
We wrapped up Benchmark Unit 3 today and reviewed what rules we have and the importance of rules.

We ended our week with a Halloween Dance party! It was super duper fun!!!!

Thank you again for all you do!!!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

Look What Has Been Happening During Spirit Week!

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Hello Families!

We have been having a fun Spirit Week! Please know, tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon, we will all be working on our independent work since teachers will be in a meeting. In addition, Friday is a half day of school for our students! Teachers have another meeting. The students have been working so hard and having lots of fun as we have been incorporating some exciting Halloween activities and stories into our zooming!

Take a look at what we have been doing!!!

Ms. Mehrhof stringing 10 cubes with 2 different colors
Ms. Mehrhof making a mix and fix math game
Sneaky Halloween Elves left something special on our porches!!!
We had hat day!!!
Our Halloween elves left us sticker faces for us to design our pumpkin’s face!
We went on a number path walk through a “spooky forest to find the 5 Little Pumpkins that rolled out of sight”
We made a counting to path to walk on as we say the numbers in order
We made Halloween bracelets by using 5 black and 5 orange beads that we colored!
We drew the character in our Benchmark story, “Rules are Cool”.
In Eureka Math we created 10 plates of 10 scoops of strawberry and chocolate ice cream to compare with the drawings of our friends!
We made a numbers mix and fix game for home!
Mrs. Torres showed us a super cool Art site to make art on the computer.
We drew and named the character in “Rules are Cool”
We followed the Benchmark 3 Steps of Writing to write about what we can build.
We had fun creating faces on our pumpkins.
We are engineers and designers!
We presented and told about our pumpkin creations.
Our pumpkins have eyes and a mouth!
Some of our pumpkins wore hats.
Our pumpkin friends even got to watch us build and design towers!
This friend has a hat that is a game for hat day!
This friend went on a hunt for items that begin with the sound of P…potato, pillow, pencil, and peach!!
We practiced writing the letter Pp.
We practiced writing the letter Gg.
We strung 10 cubes to make a pattern.
We showed how 5 and 5 make ten beads on a pretend necklace for our mamas!
We used the muscles in our hands to string our cubes on a shoesting!
We had fun looking for a shoe string and using it to show ten cubes!
We drew 2 snow people 5 snowballs tall to show 5 and 5 make 10.
This friend found items that begin with the sound of Ss…..salsa and slime!!!!

Thank you for all you do!!! Thursday is Scientist Day and Friday is costume day for Spirit Week!!!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

Thursday, 10/22/2020

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Hello Families!

Happy Thursday to you all! I am so thankful for a wonderful morning with the children! They are all so enjoyable to Zoom with!

Take a look at some of the work we did today!

We learned the sight word is and found it in our Benchmark story “A Fat Pumpkin”
We created a 10 frame. As we created it, we talked about how many we would have if we added one more to 9! We would have 10!!

Click below to check out a site to count with ten frames!


We identified end marks! Period, Exclamation Point, and Question Mark
Scratch Garden’s End Marks
We followed the Benchmark 3 Writing Steps as we wrote to tell Bosco Bear ways to be safe! This friend wrote “Don’t touch fire.”
This friend wrote “Stay in the backyard.”
This friend wrote “Don’t cross the street.”

We learned some facts about Spiders and created our first RAN chart for informative writing!

RAN Chart about Spiders with Y5s on Zoom (part 1)
Information about spiders
RAN chart for Spiders after learning some facts! (part 2)

Thank you for all you do!!!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

Wednesday, 10/21

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Hello Families!

We had a wonderful Wednesday together…remotely!

Check out these adorable pictures and captions!

We read Rules at Home and School from Benchmark. We used the Benchmark 3 writing steps to think, draw, and dictate about a rule we have at school/Zoom.
We drew a group of 5 silly shapes and then added 4 more silly shapes. We wrote a math sentence to tell how many silly shapes we have all together.
This friend wrote about the rule of raising your hand when you have something to say.
We reviewed the short vowel a and decoded the word am in the Benchmark decodable book for a.
We learned a new sight word and found it in our Benchmark book, (in)
We wrote the sight word (in).
We wrote the sight word (in).
These friends wrote about a rule we have to help us learn and stay safe at school.
We had STEM time today! This friend stacked cups into a tower.
This friend build a different tower of cups!
These friends built a structure out of cups.
These friends built a structure with cups!
We drew a group of 5 silly shapes and then added 4 more silly shapes. We wrote a math sentence to tell how many silly shapes we have all together.
We shook, dumped, and counted 9 cubes in a scattered formation!
We worked on completing a pattern during virtual learning labs.
Here is a very happy mathematician! We love working with numbers.
Listen Better Kids; Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen
Jack Hartmann and Jean Richardson with the sight word, (in)

I would like to give a special thank you to all of the families who joined us on Zoom for the Parent Meeting! If you missed it, please contact me to get the link to watch the recorded meeting.

Thank you for all you do!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

Monday, Oct.19

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Hello Families!

Today was a super great start to the week!!!

We reviewed the letter Ff and stretching for sounds we hear in words. We also practiced the shake, dump, and count game for counting objects in a scatter or circular.

This friend drew a foot for the letter Ff!
We played shake, dump, and count
We learned about arrays. We made 4 blocks with 2 stacks of 2
This friend drew a football for the letter Ff

We have a PARENT MEETING at 2:00 on Zoom tomorrow!!! PLEASE make plans to join me for this informative meeting!

Thanks for all you do!

Love. Ms. Mehrhof

A look ahead at Week 8 in Y5s!

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Hello Families!

I hope you all had such a lovely Sweetest Day weekend!

Here is a look ahead to week 8! I am excited to begin a new week with my little angels!

Our Week 8 Schedule

This week we will be learning about about the short vowel sounds and blending words! We will also practice counting syllables in words and produce rhyming words!

This week we will learn about bats! We will doing a fun project in Learning Labs in regards to this subject!

We are also going to be doing work with ten frames and the number 10!!!! How exciting!

And…..we are going to talk about the importance of following rules!!

Get ready, get set….here comes week 8!

Lots to learn and laugh about….it’s going to be great!!!!

Thanks for all you do!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

Friday, Oct. 16

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Hello Families!

We had a fabulous Friday on the gorgeous Fall day!

We listened to the story “The Runaway Pumpkin” and identified how the illustrations help us understand the story better!

The Runaway Pumpkin by Kevin Lewis

We also found items at home that begin the letter Uu’s sound!

Sesame Street The Letter Uu

In addition, we practiced writing numbers! We reviewed the verbal pathways for numbers 1-8. Please continue to count with your child everyday. Practice makes better! 🙂

Take a look at these adorable pictures!

This friend has an up arrow for the letter U!
This friend has a unicorn for the letter Uu’s long vowel sound.
These friends found umbrellas for the letter U’s short vowel sound.
Informative writing about a kangaroo!
Adding one more to 7 to make 8 pumpkins!

Thank you for all you do! Have a lovely weekend and a super sweet Sweetest Day with all of your sweeties!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

Thursday, Oct. 15th

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Hello Families!

Today was another awesome learning experience on Zoom!

We learned the letter Uu! We practiced naming the characters in “Green Eggs and Ham”. We practiced identifying rhyming words from the story too! We also practiced identifying fiction and non-fiction books!

Letter U song from ABC Mouse
Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

We also practiced ways to show 6 and 7! Here is a video for further understanding and enrichment for the concept of counting using a number path.

Eureka Math Module 1 lesson 20

We also visited Mystery Science to talk about the biggest apple!!! Click on the link below.


Please do not forget to submit your assignments on Schoology today! We also have our Benchmark assignments too!!!

Afternoon work from Ms. Mehrhof
We used 2 colors to show ways to make 6 and 7
We made an umbrella with letter Uus!
We make Uu out of playdough!
we did some work with a math story problem!
We have been learning about math equations (math sentences)
We went on a letter O hunt to review yesterday’s letter! This friend found Oreos and Oil.
This friend found an octopus!
we wrote N for non-fiction and F or fiction to point to as we identified Fiction and Non-fiction books.
Fiction vs. Non-Fiction

If you missed yesterday’s Zoom, the link is uploaded on Schoology!

Thank you for all you do!!!!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof