Another Terrific Tuesday!

Hello Families!

We had a terrific day in Young 5s! Take a look at some of the terrific things we did today!

We reviewed the sight word to and looked for it in our B poem.
We reviewed the sight word me!
We reviewed the sight word the.
We decorated and created windsocks!
We went to the 2nd grade store of handmade goods! We spent money to buy things we want.
We wrote our opinions about what toy we would want if we were the character inside the toy store after reading the book, “Just a Toy” by Mercer Meyer.

We will not have any school tomorrow through Friday, May, 14th. I pray all how are celebrating Eid have an enjoyable holiday.

We will come back to school for Group A on Monday, May 17th and Group B on Tuesday, May 18th. See you all then!

Thank you for you all you do!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

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