Look at What We have been Doing!

Hello Families!

The children and I have enjoyed an amazing week 35 of Young 5s! They also took their Spring NWEA Reading and Math tests! If your child missed either test, please do not worry. They will take it this week.

Take a look at the super terrific things we did last week!!

We practiced using our cubes to show the difference when we take 3 away from 8.
We used 2D shapes to create and label animals for our Color Zoo after listenig to L. Ehlert’s Color Zoo! This friend used her 2D shapes to create a giraffe.
We reviewed the letter Ee for the ABC Countdown using Nearpod!
We practiced counting objects to 20 in a circular formation.
We wrote our opinions about what we want.
We drew a picture of what begins with the letter Ee’s sound. This friend drew an elephant.
We reviewed the letter Ff for the ABC Countdown using Nearpod!
We circled the letter Ff on the Smartboard using Nearpod.
We drew pictures of the something that begins with the letter Ff’s sound!
We listened to the story of the Little Red Hen. We stated our opinions about if the Little Red Hen should have shared the food she made with her friends that refused to help her. Then we made a Little Red hen using 2D shapes to hang up at home to help us remember to be helpers at home!
We practiced counting objects one to one up to 20 in a curcular formation.

I hope you all have a lovely week! Thank you for all you do!


Ms. Mehrhof

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