Another Terrific Tuesday in Young 5s

Hello Families!

We had another Terrific Tuesday!!! Take a look at some of the terrific things we did today!

Also, I sent home the summer school info with Group B today along with their picture forms for Friday!

Group A will have picture day on Thursday!!! Please be sure to send the completed picture form back to school!

Tomorrow, the lovely Ms. Zahraa will be joining us for our nutrition talk at 1:30 on Zoom! Please take a look at the information below! There will also be a story time with LAHC Thursday at 4:00. This is in honor of Children’s Book Week!

Storytime Zoom link for LHAC
Arabic version for Where My Food Comes From
English version for Where My Food Comes From
We began our opinion writing pieces about why our mom is the best!
We practiced ways to make 10 when we know we have 4. (4+6=10)
We used coffee filters, markers, and water to create the beginning of our Mother’s Day surprise!
We observed the physical changes to the coffee filters when we squirted them with water. The colors grew…..just like we do with the love and care from our moms and dads!
Mrs. Hansen came with the library cart and we got new books! She also read a funny story to us called Alligator Baby by R. Munsch.
We played a Nearpod game with our dry erase boards! We identified beginning and ending sounds.

Thank you for all you do!!! I will see you all on Zoom tomorrow!!!! And….one more thing….

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and I want to take a moment to recognize all of you for the hard work and dedication you all have towards being your child’s teachers at home!!! You are their most important teacher and the lessons they will learn from you will last forever in their beautiful hearts and minds! (Many of my most important lessons learned about life and love I learned from my amazing parents!) So, once again, from the bottom of my heart…. thank you for all you do! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! I appreciate each one of you!!

I appreciate you!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

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