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Parent Meeting on Thursday February 15th. There will be one meeting at 9:00 am so all families will meet in the classroom at 9:00. There will be a guest speaker presenting for this parent meeting.

Like always, if there are any questions please ask.

Our field trip to the Outdoor Adventure Center… a taste of Michigan’s great outdoors in the heart of the city!

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What a great hands-on, interactive, and educational way to spend the day! Students were able to actively and fully explore all the areas and exhibits! Although we weren’t able to capture everything here are a few photos we were able to take… one of the favorites was the inside of the beaver dam! So cool!

Also, here is a quick video taken off the OAC website that tells more about the center.

Coming Soon… Winter Fair

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Today we sent the reminder for Cotter’s Winter Fair scheduled for Thursday December 21, 2023. All classes at Cotter and all GSRP classrooms in the district are invited to this Winter Fair and will be attending at various times that day. Our classroom’s scheduled time is from 2:00 – 3:15. That means our students and parents come during that time only. This has always been a very fun event and we hope to see everyone there. We ask that you make arrangements for siblings to stay home so you can make this an event that you and your prek child can share together.

If you have any questions about this please ask.

Collecting Items in Nature to use for our Nature Collage

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Students were very engaged in this open ended art project. After collecting various items we found outside around our school, students chose which materials they would use as they made their own nature collage. We experimented with tape, glue, and string as we tried to figure out what would work best for their projects. We also read the book Leaf Man for some added inspiration!