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Hope everyone is staying warm! One of the books we read is Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom, so I thought I would share the video. Please encourage your children to name the letters and notice the upper case (big) and lower case (small) letters. An activity you can do with your children is to print all the lower case letters  and have your children print the matching upper case letters… later you can print the upper case and your children can print the lower case.  You can always use the page at the top of this blog named “proper letter formation” to encourage your children to print letters correctly.

chicka chicka boom boom

The weekend looks like it will be much warmer. Hope everyone can enjoy a little fresh air then after being so cooped up this week!

Hopefully we will see everyone on Monday February 4th, 2019!       WOW!  February already!!

Literacy development starts early in life..

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With the new information regarding Read by Third Grade, we thought it was important to remind parents that we are committed to providing your children with appropriate and necessary experiences and activities that encourage development in all areas, including literacy. In Pre-K we focus on developing skills and abilities in oral language, alphabetic knowledge (letters/sounds) and print awareness – all of which are key predictors of later school achievement.

But the learning can not stop at school. Here are a few things you can do in your home to encourage continued learning…

Read at home with your child daily (at least 20 minutes) with books
they enjoy. Some ways to do this:
 Read out loud to your child.
 Listen to your child read.
 Echo read (you read a line, then they repeat).
 Read together at the same time.
 Reread or retell favorite stories.
 Talk to your child about the reading.
As you read:
 Ask your child to share what they remember.
 Ask questions about the reading.
 Talk about your favorite parts
 Talk about what you have learned.
 Talk about how the pictures in the book connect to the words on
the page.
 Help connect the reading to your child’s life or other books


Residency Verification…

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Thank you to all the parents who have turned in the second proof of residency required by the district. We really appreciate your quick response in getting these turned in so that the office staff can complete the paperwork needed for your child’s file.

If you have not handed yours in as of yet, please get them to us by the end of this week if possible.

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask at pick up or drop off. Mrs. Dara and I are available  for any questions and if we are unsure we will direct you to someone in the office who can help!

Thanks again!

Winter Fair is quickly approaching…

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Reminders were sent home in students’ folders today regarding the winter fair held at Cotter which will take place on Wednesday December 19, 2018. This is not a regular day of school. Instead, parents and children come together at the time assigned for their class. Our time is 2:00-3:15.

Each classroom at Cotter will have a specific activity for you and your child to do together. We ask you to try to find someone to take care of siblings so that you can share this special time with your pre-k student! It’s a great way to kick off our holiday break!

If there are any questions please feel free to ask me or Mrs. Dara


Cotter Website

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Remember to visit the Cotter website – our class is the “featured classroom” this week so there are a few pictures of our students involved in  various activities, like playing with the slime we made, partner “yoga” stretches, hammering golf tees into our pumpkins, practicing matman drawings on the dry erase boards and more…

The link to the website is located on one of the pages tabs at the top of our blog on the right hand side.


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Cotter classrooms are all participating in pajama day on October 31st.  Your child is welcome to wear pajamas on Wednesday or black and orange clothing…. participation is optional… students can also just wear regular clothes if they choose.

Also, parent teacher conferences are coming up. Sign up sheets are out and once everyone signs up we will send out reminders of individual dates and times.

Thank you.

Picture Day on Tuesday October 9

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Picture Day is this week!

We have the order forms and you can take one on Monday morning when you drop off your child. Please remember all students will have their pictures taken, but ordering is optional. If you choose to order pictures, you can do it online or fill out the form with payment and give it to Mrs. Mazzei or Mrs. Dara. If you have any questions we can help. Any orders must be in by Tuesday before students get their pictures taken.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

The first few weeks of Pre K…

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The students in room 109 are adjusting nicely to their classroom routine and rules, their teachers and their class- mates. We have been spending a lot of time introducing and exploring materials, building relationships with others, problem solving and building the skills we need to be independent!

Thank you to all the parents for sharing your children with us this year!

Please remember to encourage your child’s independence at home. Being able to do things independently at school is one of the expectations we have for all children. Please help your children by allowing them time and opportunities to practice independent skills so that they can be successful at school! Allowing your students to put on their clothes, shoes and coats is a great first step… remember to give enough time for this so that the children won’t feel rushed as they button and zip for themselves.

Here are a few photos of children during our work time. Every day students make a plan as to where they will work (play) during work time and then they follow through with their plans by going to the area and begin working. After work time we clean up and recall (discuss) things like: where we played, the materials we used, the class-mates we worked with and/or what we were practicing or learning in that area.

We will continue to share photos as the year progresses so be sure to subscribe by email


Welcome to Cotter…

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Hello to all our families. This is the blog for room 109 at Cotter. We will use this blog to update you, as well as to post pictures and videos of students engaged in lessons and activities.

Teachers have been busy filling out required paperwork with families and will begin conducting home visits this week.

Please continue to check our blog for further information.

We look forward to a great year!