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No School on Thursday November 14th, 2019. We will have conferences all day.

Also, with the weather getting colder, we encourage parents to send in snow pants, boots, scarves, hats and mittens. We do go out every day, twice a day, and it’s much more enjoyable when we are properly dressed for the weather. If your children are wearing their boots to school, please remember to put their running shoes in their backpacks so they can change from their boots. It is not comfortable or safe for students to wear their boots all day in the classroom.


Reminders …

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Thursday November 7th – Half day for GSRP (8:05-11:05) – Parent teacher conferences start today – Reminders will be in your child’s folder on Monday

Next week conferences will take place on Tuesday November 12th and Thursday November 14th.

Thank you to all the families who attended our parent meeting!

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Mrs. Dara and I really appreciate your participation in your child’s education. LAHC wanted to present so that you will have an idea of the kinds of topics they are covering Tuesdays in our classroom. LAHC will be with us until mid-November. If there are any questions please let us know!

There is not a group parent meeting in November since we will meet with individual parents for parent- teacher conferences. There will be a sign up sheet for those conferences in the classroom next week.

Please remember children will be needing snow pants, boots, hats, gloves, and scarves soon! So be on the lookout for these items now so that children will have them when they really need them!

But we don’t have to worry about the cold this weekend!

Enjoy the beautiful weather!


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Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Please remember Monday and Tuesday are both half days 8:05 – 11:45 this week. Be sure your child has his or her extra change of clothes and blanket by Wednesday. Mrs Dara and I hope you have all been able to start a bedtime routine at home and are encouraging your children to spend less time with screens. We look forward to a great week ahead!

A successful first parent meeting…

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Thank you to all of the families who were able to attend our parent meeting! The students did well and we look forward to tomorrow! Please remember tomorrow is a half day for GSRP students. Tomorrow’s half day will be from 8:05am – 11:05am.

There will be half days again on Monday the 16th and Tuesday the 17th and the times for those days will be from 8:05am – 11:45am, as we will have lunch on both of those days.

Our regular hours of 8:05 (8:15) to 2:50 (3:00) will begin on Wednesday September 18, 2019.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.

Welcome to Cotter GSRP

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Mrs. Dara and I are so excited for our new school year and we hope you are as well! We have met with many families already to fill out required enrollment forms and we look forward to our home visits.

Please be sure your children begin to get into an early bedtime routine so they are coming to school rested and refreshed. Children between the ages of 3-5 should get no less than 8 hours of sleep per night, with many children needing between 10-13! Good sleep habits are beneficial for all of us!

If you have not turned in the health appraisal form (filled out and signed by your child’s doctor) please have it ready by our home visit appointment. We would like to have all required paperwork complete and in each child’s file before our first day at school.

If there are any questions you can always get in touch with us at 313. 827.6150