Homevisits are coming up!

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All home visits have been scheduled and reminders were sent home today in folders.

We look forward to spending some time with each family as we start to wrap up our year! It went by so fast! We will talk about some summer ideas to do with your child as you help them prepare for their transition to kindergarten.

Hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the warm weather!


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Hope everyone had a wonderful spring break!

  • April Parent Meeting will be on Thursday, April 19, 2018. Please make arrangements to attend with your child.
  • Also, we will be setting up for home visits in May. There will be a sign up sheet at the end of April so that we can try to accommodate your schedule as best we can.


A fun game to play with your child…

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Here is one of the many games you can find on abcya.com (you can find the link to that site on the right hand side of our blog under “Class Links.”)

This game has all the letters mixed up and you and your child have to click on each one and put them back in alphabetical order. As you start with your child ask them to think of the “first” letter in the alphabet, the “last” letter in the alphabet – you can continue asking questions like, “which letter comes after S?” or “which letter comes before C?” This helps to naturally build other concepts and skills while working on letter identification.

Most importantly, have fun!



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First of all I would like to thank all the families who came out for our annual Winter Fair last Wednesday! We really appreciate your support and participation –especially with all the snow we were getting that day! It was so nice to see the majority of our students there!! Thank you!!

Looking ahead for this last week of school before our winter break…

Thursday December 21st is a half day for Cotter students. All Cotter students will come to school in the morning only. Our winter break will begin and last until Monday January 8, 2018!

We really want to encourage parents to keep their children learning over the break.

  • Be sure your children are printing their names daily (first and last)
  • They should be practicing to name all uppercase and lowercase letters  — and starting to talk about the sounds each letter makes
  • Be sure they are counting items daily… stairs, cheerios, steps, cups, plates,etc
  • Provide children with paper and crayons to draw daily, encourage them to draw people (Matman) with at least 6 body parts and encourage them to add details to their drawings.
  • Read everyday!
  • Follow the “homework calendar” for quick, daily fun things you can do with your child to continue the learning while they are away from school.
  • Be sure to give your children some time to play outdoors! When properly dressed, the fresh air is healthy for all of us!

The Critter Guy was here!!

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Mr. Paul, aka The Critter Guy came to Cotter on Wednesday and boy, did the students get a kick out of the animals he brought! Many children wanted to touch, pet, and hold the animals! Others, not so much… and that was just fine too! Everyone got to see some really cool critters that we don’t normally get to see.

Mr. Paul brought a chinchilla, a frog, 2 birds, a snake, a star fish, and a mouse! Here are some pictures! Enjoy!


A peek at this upcoming week…

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Please remember that there is no school on Tuesday November 7th for all Dearborn Public Schools because of Election Day… Teachers will be attending professional development all day.

Thursday November 9th is the first day for parent teacher conferences — the conference sign up sheets are posted in the classroom by the parent board. We will send home reminders on Monday, as well. Be sure to check your child’s folder!

Monday is our book check out day — please be sure your children return last week’s book if they haven’t already!

Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend!

Hammering Golf Tees into Pumpkins!

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Students were very interested and engaged in this new activity during work time! This is a great way for students to practice hand-eye coordination, dominate hand and helper hand, as well as just building overall fine motor strength! We used real  hammers that are child sized and a lot of children were very proud that they were using something that “Baba” or “Dad” uses! Of course our goggles are important to protect our eyes! Always safety first!

Importance of Routines – Parent Meeting

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Thank you to the parents who attended our Parent Meeting on Thursday! Your involvement is greatly appreciated! Children really benefit when home and school are supportive of each other!  We hope that getting ready for bed will run more smoothly at home after you and your child created a personalized night time routine!

Hopefully the students loved the books we passed out – maybe it will be their bedtime book for awhile!

Also, I wanted to add the count to 100 song that we like to do…

count to 100