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Updates…Please Read :)

  • Due to security breaches and new district policies, we will no longer be using Zoom for our video chats. Please check Dojo for your student’s log in information for Google Meetings
  • Seesaw is the only required platform for our distance learning. Lessons are checked for completion and accuracy. Please listen/read the directions for each activity. If your child needs to resubmit their work, there will be a red notification in their “inbox” on Seesaw.
  • All of the assignments from the week should be completed no later than Sunday night, 8:00 pm. We will archive the activities before each week. Once they are archived, they are no longer available to complete or resubmit.
  • All work will be graded.
  • The online resources (Zearn, Teach Your Monster to Read, Raz Kids and Epic) are great for additional support for enrichment and practice. They are self paced and great for your student but not required at this time.
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Online Engagement

Hello!! It is expected that all students are engaged in our distance learning. The teachers must report to our administration which students are participating and completing the assigned activities. If there is any way that we can help your student to meet those goals, please reach out to us or Mrs. J.

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Changes in Distance Learning

Hi Families 🙂 We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy. Times certainly are crazy right now but Kindergarteners know how to persevere and we will get through this. With the closing of the schools by the governor, we need to take our learning in a slightly different direction. Dojo is great for messaging and we will continue to use it but it does not allow the students to easily share their hard work and learning. We will begin using the app Seesaw. Seesaw can be used on any device (computer, phone, tablet, ipad, chromebook…) and its free! It will allow us to send activities for the students to complete almost independently (once the log in process is complete). It works best with a touchscreen device because the students can interact and/or write on the activities. But you will see in the video of my son logging on, you can use it without a touchscreen as well.

This is what you will need to do to get started!

1. Go to (if you want to use a computer) or download the Seesaw Class app.
2. Select “I’m a student.”
3. Enter the code that was provided to you from your teacher. Each code is specific to the student and it does not need any spaces.

Once you are in, there should be a red notification on the little lightbulb to indicate that she has an activity. They can click on the green + sign and then read or listen to the directions 🙂

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You are AWESOME!!!

We are so proud of the amazing work that our students and their families are doing right now. We miss and love you so much! Please continue to keep up with the activities that we have planned for this week. Remember to check Dojo for any new updates and send us your smiles 🙂

Click here to see what activities we have planned for this week.

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Don’t Give Up!

It is so important that you spend time each day on reading, writing, and math. Try to log in to one of the sites under ONLINE ACCESS each day and spend at least 15 minutes on Raz Kids or Zearn. If you have forgotten your special log in for Raz Kids just send us a Dojo message. We also love hearing from YOU! You can send messages or photos through class Dojo.

We miss you and look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Week #1…DONE

Hope everyone is doing well. This has not been easy for any of us. We miss you very much. We have changed up math a bit for next week. The most important thing is that you READ, WRITE, and do MATH a little EACH DAY!

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Remote Learning Expectations

While we are away from each other for the next few weeks, it is very important that your child is continuing to grow academically. This is a strange new world for everyone involved and we know that you will have questions. We are available on Dojo and email to help as much as we can. Please know that we will be picking up where the online learning leaves off…not where we stopped on March 12th. Please work with your child daily-reading, writing, math, science and social studies-to ensure that they are getting ready for our year end expectations.

All assignments must be completed. Please set aside designated time each day to finish the day’s work. These are unique circumstances and it is imperative that you treat this as if your child is attending school each day, M-F.

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Lessons for March 16 – 20

Click here to go to the lessons for the week 🙂

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