Kindergarten at Long Elementary

Dearborn Public Schools

Online Access

Teach Your Monster To Read

Click here to access Teach Your Monster To Read. The students should know their password but if they forget…its their first name 🙂


Click here to access Zearn. This site provides online activities that correlate with our math curriculum, Eureka Math. This is a new site for the kids and requires a username and password. We tried to make the log in as simple as we could. Your child’s log in will be their first name and the number 20N. For example…sally20N The password is 111111. The class code is JY7P8H.

Using Raz Kids

Click here to log in to Raz Kids. This online reading program allows your child to read books at their level. We will monitor the students progress and move them to developmentally appropriate reading levels as the weeks progress. After listening and reading each book, the student will take a quiz to show their understanding of the story. The questions are read to the students, as well as the answers, so they can navigate this site independently.

The teacher username is LongKdg

Each student has a unique password that your teacher will be sending to you very soon.

Epic Books

Epic is an online reading libraries that provide thousands of books for the kids to listen to and read. They are going to love the selection of books!

Click here to access Epic. We have received a free trial for Epic. Please create an account for your child by using the link and use the promo code 3monthsfree. You will also need a class code. It is HTK5376.

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