Welcome Back to the 2020/2021 School Year!

Hello all and welcome to a historical but awesome new school year! This year we will be starting school Monday August 31st with the first four days being “soft start”, meaning students will be meeting with teachers virtually or in person for material pick up and “getting to know each other” lessons and learning to know the new platform Schoology and Zoom conferencing. Teachers should have or will be contacting with links and details on starting times on Monday. Again, this is VERY new for everyone so patience is key! We are ready for a great school year and I cannot wait to see smiling faces 🙂

If you have questions do not hesitate to email me: stetzk@dearbornschools.org

End of the Year Reflection

This year has been really interesting hasn’t it? It has been historical to say the least. Before March 13th, we were on a roll with the new STEM/Makerspace program at Long and Nowlin and had to move completely online 🙂 This week I want students to reflect on the school year. I would like for you to reflect on the 3 things you enjoyed the most from STEM class this year. Think of all the memories that make you smile. You can create a poster, just talk in a video or think of some creative way to show your 3 favorite things.

Week 5/25/2020

K-2: Go outside and look for objects like leaves, branches, flowers, pine needles…. and create a bug using the objects you find! send a video or picture of your “Nature Bug!

Grades 3-5: You will continue to work on the assignment posted last week. Upload onto google classroom, email me (stetzk@dearbornschools.org) or dojo me!

Week of 5/18/2020

Grades K-2: If I Built a Car

If I Built a Car
Listen to the story If I Built a Car by Chris Van Duesen (attached below) ** If the link doesn’t work, search the story in youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYgqMvE3K2E&t=2s

After listening to the story, answer one of the questions:
1. If you built a car, what would you include in the design?
2. What was the coolest design in the story If I Built a Car?Activity: Build your car with any materials you have at home! Draw a picture, build with LEGOs, mold it with play-doh, etc. Share your design in your video or picture response. Don’t forget to add your teacher name to the document!

Grades 3-5: STEM journal and Menu

**Since it is a short week this week and next, I am uploading an assignment that will be up here for this week and next with multiple steps. I will upload a video giving directions. **
1.) You will FIRST pick ONE challenge from the STEM at home Menu for week 1.
2.) I am attaching a digital STEM journal, we have done these multiple times in class. This journal follows the engineering and design process.
3.) You will fill out the journal based on the ONE stem choice you made from the board.
4.) upload a video or picture of your product here.
5.) I will be uploading the same thing next week.

Loom Video: https://www.loom.com/share/a441a610ef3d40d7966c3f262f3437fc

Journal! Take look! https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/17_r80ufbgYj8hPiK8AaT6IcY78wfaViXJzQwxSd5vj4/edit#slide=id.g82873bad0d_0_26

Week of 5/11

STEM grades K-2

1.) Plan using paper and pencil to build a blanket fort somewhere in your house! **Remember when we plan, we label as much as possible
2.) Using your plan, build your Fort using blankets and chairs to build.
3.) When you finish read a book inside your fort!
4.) Take a picture of your plan and fort!
***Remember to add your teacher name to your assignment on here!

STEM grades 3-5

1.) Click on the link below just like last week
2.) Sign in using google
3.) Read the instructions
4.) Create a boat that can float and hold pennies without letting water in.


**You must login into flipgrid using google.

Week of 5/4

Grades K-2:

Grades 3-5:

We will be trying FlipGrid this week!!! Your assignment is on there. All you have to do is:
1.) Go to https://info.flipgrid.com/
2.) CLICK ENTER FLIP CODE (in the lower right) TYPE: STETZ9083
3.) Read the directions and click on the video link to watch the attached video in flipgrid
4.) Once you do that you will record your response right onto flipgrid! (looks like a big PLUS sign)
5.) You will respond by video taping your airplanes.
***Remember that this is my and your first time using flipgrid. If you have a question, dojo or email me stetzk@dearobnschools.org or message me on here.

Hard Work!

I wanted to upload a collage of only a fraction of the awesome work I am getting on google classroom, dojo and my email! I am just so proud of the creative minds I have at BOTH Long and Nowlin Schools. I miss each and every one of my students and this truly makes me love my job even more! Keep working hard and I will try and post more pictures as the weeks continue.

Week of 4/27

I hope that you are all doing well! I will be continuing to post on here and my google classroom. The activity for this week is:

Grades K-2:

Grades 3-5:

For the origami caterpillar and box challenge please just share a picture with me on here, dojo or email and include your students name and teacher. These activities are also on my google classroom! Students will be able to directly do the assignment on there as well. (codes are K-2: margipu 3-5: dsfinu4)

I will also be adding pictures of some work as the week progresses! Have a nice week!

Fun With Your Name!

In the above attachment there is an activity in which you build your name with things that you find around your house! These things can be anything from paper, found nature items or recycled materials! I would like you to take a picture and send it to me via class dojo, email (stetzk@dearbornschools.org) or google classroom (I am adding this assignment there)!

Have a safe week and I will continue to check in!