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NWEA Testing

As you already know, we will be taking the math and reading portions of the NWEA during the next two weeks. Your child will come to school to take the test. He/she will have the same testing time for both weeks. If the testing time doesn’t work for you, please email me asap so that I can reschedule it for you. I had to change a few time slots around to accommodate everyone. Please see my email below:


Due to scheduling issues, I had to redo some of the NWEA Reading testing time slots.  Please look below and let me know if you are unable to bring your child to school at their scheduled time.  We will meet on Zoom from 8:55-9:45 each day below:

Tuesday, September 22

10:00-11:00        Nolen, Selma

11:00-12:00        Alena, Ali

1:30-2:30  Alex, Mohamad

                             Madina (come at 1:00 for DRA reading test)

2:30-3:30            Greyson, Danna

                            Mariam (stay until 4:00 to take DRA reading test)

Thursday, September 24

10:00-11:00        George

11:00-12:00        Danny, Muhammad

                             Hamza (stay until 12:30 to take DRA reading test)

1:30-2:30            Abe, Yusef, Evie

2:30-3:30            Julia, Aramiah

                             Elise (stay until 4:00 to take DRA reading test)

**We will need to repeat this schedule the following week for NWEA Math.  Please add the above date and time to your calendar. 😊               

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