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Fun Friday Activities

Here are some Fun Friday Family Activities for you to choose from. Try to choose 3 or more each Friday. Be creative and have fun! Don’t forget to send me some pictures of your creativity and enjoyment! 🙂

  • Go for a bike ride with your family
  • take some chalk and write some messages on the sidewalks of your neighbors
  • Go on a nature walk and see how many signs of spring you can find
  • Do GoNoodle on your computer or smart tv
  • Clean your bedroom
  • Help mom cook lunch or dinner
  • Paint a picture
  • Build an animal with Legos or Playdough
  • Make a fort out of blankets and read your favorite books
  • Draw some illustrations for your favorite book
  • Use magnetic letters to spell out your spelling words this week (or make them out of Playdough)
  • Pick up sticks in your yard. Count how many you find.
  • Have a dance party in your family room
  • Play a board game with your brother or sister or parent
  • If you have dominoes, you can play a game of war
  • Do a craft
  • Play dress up with your brother or sister
  • Find 10 things and put them in order from smallest to biggest
  • Straighten all of your toys
  • Read a book to your favorite stuffed animal
  • Look at some old pictures of your family
  • Make a comic book
  • Write a letter to a relative
  • Make 3 paper airplanes and see which one goes the farthest
  • Learn how to tie your shoes
  • Color in a coloring book
  • Do a puzzle with your family
  • Jump rope and count how high you can go
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