Hi friends! Happy July!! I hope you are having a wonderful summer! It sure is hot out! I have been enjoying this warmth and sunshine!

I have some sad news. Speedy passed away peacefully. I had him on our back patio for most of our summer vacation. On Monday, I checked on him and he wasn’t moving. I’m not sure what happened. He might have gotten over heated. I buried him next to Lilly (our cat) in our front yard so he has some company. 🙁

I will be deleting all of my posts from this year soon. If there are pictures or things you would like to save to your computer, please do so in the next week or so.

I miss you a ton and think about you every day! I can’t wait until we can see each other face to face. Enjoy your summer with your family and stay safe! I love you all so very much!!

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Hello Friends!!!

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know about a few things. So here we go!

Dear Howard Families,

This message is for all 5th-grade students and their families. On Tuesday, June 9th, from 12:00-2:00 pm, we will have a drive-up distribution to congratulate all the 5th graders on their promotion!!!!!! Please remember that this will be in a drive-up format in front of the school on N. York St. For your safety, please remember that all students and parents must remain in their vehicles at all times and may not enter the school building. Our teachers are excited to see you! Please feel free to decorate your vehicles if you like! Way to go, Howard Dragons…you survived 5th grade and quarantine, you are ready to take on MIDDLE SCHOOL!

See you soon!!

Mirvat Sabbagh

The Masked Singer!! Mrs. Bagnall wanted me to share this link with you. You can go check out who received the most votes for the Masked Singer. Also, you can see who won her contests for participating in her challenges. So click this link to head over there: https://forms.gle/Fdae5GpvDfcPwg5E8

I only have about 5 assignments I am waiting to be completed from students!!! Thank you so much for making sure your child turned in everything! Whew! This was a huge task for all of you and I can say that I couldn’t be prouder. You are rock star parents!! Thank you!! I just about the your report cards finished. They will be on Parent Connect (MiStar) and they will also be mailed to you.

We will have our final BBB meeting at 11:30 on Wednesday. Please bring your lunch and we will have a picnic!! I tried to have a real picnic, but wasn’t given permission. So, this will have to do. Be prepared to share your favorite thing about first grade with the class!

I will see some of you who have 5th grade brothers or sisters tomorrow at the drive by from 12:00-2:00. Hopefully I will see you all on Wednesday at our picnic on BBB at 11:30.

Parent Survey

Important Parent Survey-Reopening Committee

 by Mirvat Sabbagh

Hello Howard Families,

Our district is requesting that ALL parents complete this survey regarding the reopening of the 2020-2021 school year. Your feedback is extremely important to us and will contribute to our plan moving forward. Please encourage other parents to complete this survey, too. For translation assistance, parents may call 313-580-2532 Monday, June 8th through Friday, June 12th from 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.    

School ReOpen Committee Parent Survey #1 https://forms.gle/DNx3eN8hcRpXsfSs5

Thank you for your time in advance!

Have a great weekend!

Mirvat Sabbagh


June 5, 2020

Last Day of First Grade SignLast Day of 1st Grade SignLast | Etsy

Hello!!! It is true!! Today is your last day of first grade work! Technically, we are in school until June 11th, but today you get your last assignments in first grade! Woohoo! Actually, it makes me a bit sad. We really had a great year, despite all of the craziness. This class will hold a special place in my heart. In 20 years, you will look back and remember the pandemic when you were in first grade; something none of us will ever forget. We made history. Hold on to our good memories too! I sure will.

Miles was our last Mystery Reader for first grade. I posted his video late last night on our Google Classroom. Make sure you check it out when you go there for your assignments.

You have 2 tests to take today. One is for social studies and one is for math. The math one is going to be tricky because you can’t color very easily. I have given you directions on which tools you can use to help you. The directions are at the bottom of each page. Make sure you turn them in and then you are done! I took off 2 assignments for tomorrow. Both of your tests are kind of long. So now you only have 2 things to do instead of 4! 🙂

Go back and see if you have any missing assignments. Do not resubmit your assignments unless I left a note for you to send them back to me. If you have missing assignments on Monday, I will be calling you. I will be working on report cards this weekend and early next week. We will hold one more BBB meeting next week. I am also working on details for a picnic. We will keep our distance, but will get to see each other and talk. I will let you know on here when I find out more.

I have a few friends that I will be meeting with one on one on the Big Blue Button. You need to log in with a computer. Please be on time too!

So now go head over to our Google Classroom one last time! Bye for now!

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Epic and Raz Kids

Hello there! So, this week has been a pretty easy work load for you. The main thing I wanted you to work on was your math, science, social studies, and report. But, I assigned 20 minutes a day in either Raz Kids or Epic. I am sad to say that only 12 out of 25 kids actually spent the 80 minutes total (20 + 20 + 20 + 20=80) on these 2 websites. If you visited them, but logged less than 80 minutes, you need to spend more than 20 minutes tomorrow catching up. Here are my rock stars for this week:

Robbie * Sean * Ali * Giavanna * Adam * Dana 4 * Ismail * Mariam (5 hours!!!) * Mohamad * Nour * Rihana * Rita

Congratulations to all of you listed above! You met my match and read for 80 minutes or more this week. Head over to Raz Kids to check out the stars I just gave you!

Also, Raz Kids and Epic should be available all summer long. Please try to spend 20 minutes a day reading, listening, and quizzing on your stories. I will be checking and giving out bonus stars to those doing a great job. Remember, you can use the stars to buy things at the avatar store.

I have been getting some feedback for the BrainQuest summer bridge workbook from first grade to second grade. Everyone says that their child LOVES it. It is on sale on Amazon and is available at Target. I think Barnes and Noble carries it also. I believe it is on back order at Amazon. I have a challenge to my first graders. If you finish the workbook and return it to me in the fall when school starts, I will meet you at Dairy Queen and buy you an ice cream!!! How does that sound? If you would like to purchase the workbook, but financially it doesn’t make sense right now, please please let me know. I can help you out. Here is a picture of what it looks like:

June 4, 2020

Good morning friends!! Only 2 more days of school work!! Woohoo! You got this! I met with some of our friends yesterday and I showed them how to record their voice with their slideshow. I am so happy with how these are turning out. I even shared them with Mrs. Sabbagh, our new principal!! I bragged a little about how hard you all are working and how proud I am of each and every one of you!! Click on the Endangered Animal Reports in Google Classroom under Weekly Assignments to see everyone who turned theirs in so far. It is so much fun to learn about animals. There are a lot of interesting facts that I didn’t know about. See, I am learning right along with you!!

I have 7 students I am meeting with today. So, I will be busy for most of the morning and early afternoon! Hopefully you will be working on your assignments, right?

Check your math pages with mine below:

Mystery Reader - Ms. Fillo-Walsh's First Grade Class

We have a new Mystery Reader tonight! Here are the clues:

  • It is boy!!!
  • He has a younger sister
  • He has 5 letters in his name

Do you think you know who it is? Hmmmmm. Tune in tonight at our Google Classroom to see if you are right!!

Have a good day! Head over to our Google Classroom to check out your assignments for today! Bye!!!

June 3, 2020

Good morning friends!! I hope you are ready for another day of learning. Thank you to all of you who met with me yesterday. We went over your presentation to record your voice reading it….how cool!!! I am so excited for all of you to do this. If you haven’t met with me yet via video conferencing, please hold off on recording yourself. I would like to walk you through it. Some had gone ahead and recorded themself, but didn’t click the full screen mode. It’s not a big deal, it just shows the stop box in the bottom right corner. Also, you forgot to set up your transitions. I will help you, no worries! I am so excited to share the first ones with you! Go to our Google Classroom to view! Great job, boys and girls!!

Please check your math pages with mine below:

Okay, head over to Google Classroom for your assignments. I will be meeting with some of you in a little while. If you didn’t sign up for a time slot to meet with me this week, be sure to do that over in our Google Classroom. Bye!