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Spelling and Reading

Hi there!

I have updated the spelling words for next week. They are much easier than the last two weeks. Please start practicing at home. Poem books should have come home today to practice over the weekend.

I have 8 reading groups as of now. It is really tricky trying to fit them all in. So, I will try for 4 a day. I have 1 group that I must try to meet with every day. The other 3 groups will be rotated. If your child doesn’t bring home a bookbag, please read with him/her with a book from home. Our goal is for your child to read for 20 minutes a night.

I read aloud to the class every day. I feel it is vital for their development. It exposes them to different genres that they might not have picked on their own.

I like using different voices for the different characters. Just remember to have fun!! That doesn’t mean for you to read and your first grader to listen. Take turns reading every other page. You can also split a page into 2 parts. You read one part and your child reads the other part. Most importantly, make it fun and not a chore.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Doubles Bump

We learned a new bump game today to go along with our math lesson. You may print the below game board and play at home. You will need one die and 2 sets of 10 counters. You can use beads, cereal, marbles, buttons, etc. You will need 10 of one kind or color and 10 of another. Roll the die and double that number (for example, if you roll a 2, then 2=2=4.) Cover a 4. If your partner gets a 4, then they can bump you off. If you get two 4s, then you put two items on once space and you are safe. The first person who uses all of their markers (marbles, beads, cereal, buttons, etc.) wins.

Book Order

Happy Sunday! Don’t forget to place your orders online by tonight if you want to order books. Thanks!

Conferences and such

Hi there! Happy Thursday!

I have a few families that haven’t signed up for conferences. The signup sheets were in my classroom at Open House. I have the following openings.

November 14 @ 4:00, 4;40, and 5:00. Please email me or comment on this post and let me know which time works for you. I can also meet at 3:45 on most days too.

Also, our field trip days are set. We will be going to The Ann Arbor Hands on Museum on Friday, November 22. We will be going to Greenfield Village in the spring on Friday, May 15th. I just wanted to let you know so that you can plan to come with us. All parents are allowed to attend. Siblings cannot come due to liability laws.

Enjoy this beautiful day!

Week of September 30, 2019

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a restful weekend! I got to spend mine with my family (all four of us) together. It’s been a while since we were all in the same place at the same time! I miss my boys so much!

We have really gotten into a groove and are moving along in room 22. Our Daily 5 routine and Math workshop are in full gear! My first graders are really doing a good job at transitioning from one activity to another. If someone gets stuck, someone always steps in to help! Way to go first graders!!

Image result for star of the week

Our Star of the week did a fabulous job! I wasn’t here on Friday, but I heard Jacqueline’s science experiment was AWESOME!! Mrs. Zaghir sent me the video! Our next Star of the Week is Adam! Congratulations!

Scholastic Book Orders will be coming home tomorrow. Remember. I will not be collecting money this year. All orders and payments are done online. My code is: HRD4M. You can also find the flyers online at scholastic.com.

Here’s what is in store for this week…..

Reading ~ I will be starting reading groups this week! I have finished with the reading assessments. I have 8 groups this year, so it isn’t possible for me to meet with each group every day. Please be patient while we work out the kinks. I will try to get through 5 groups a day. My lower groups will meet with me every day for intervention. My goal for my high groups is to meet with them 3 times a week. If your child doesn’t bring home a bookbag, please read something you have at home. I will also be sending home poem books on the days I don’t meet with your child.

Spelling ~ the new words are on the link above. I am also sending home a spelling homework grid. Your child needs to pick one box to do each night (Monday-Thursday.) They are due on Friday. Remember, you can always find this week’s words in the link above.

Math ~ We are working on equivalent equations. For instance, 5+3=4+4. Students have to be able to tell me if the above equation is true or false. Math homework is coming home tonight.

Science ~ We are learning about sound. We will be making some musical instruments this week. If you haven’t sent in a shoebox and toilet paper roll, please do so by tomorrow. I have a few extra too.

Writing ~ We are working on a personal narrative.

Social Studies ~ We are learning why rules are important and who can enforce them.

Have a wonderful week!!

Late Start

Good morning! Don’t forget today is a late start! See you at 9:35!!

Homework and Scholastic Book Club

I did not give math homework yesterday or today. Please just help your child study for their spelling test tomorrow. the words ending in -ck are tricky. Also the word too.

Did you see a cute book in your child’s backpack last night? Well, I found 25 sponsors to donate enough money to purchase a new book each month for the next 10 months for all 25 of our students! Woohoo! Every month, I will order a class set of a certain book. We will read it together in class and talk about it. Yesterday, we read “If You Give a Mouse a Brownie.” We learned that it is a circle book….which means it starts and ends the same. It goes in a complete circle. Your child should keep their new book at home and practice reading it. Maybe he/she can read it to a sibling?! Enjoy!!

I will be sending home the Scholastic Book order flyers next week in case you are interested in purchasing more books at great prices. I will not be collecting money this year. Please pay online. I will send the code home with the book orders. Thanks! Enjoy this beautiful day!!

Week of September 16, 2019

Hello friends! I am sorry this is coming to you so late. I wasn’t feeling well today, so I left at lunch time. I will be back tomorrow at lunch. I hope this blog post finds you well.

Image result for open house
Thank you coming to Open House. It was great meeting and speaking with you!

Please send your child to school tomorrow with tie shoes. We will practice (I learned a new way to tie shoes today) with our fourth grade buddies. Hopefully, most will learn tomorrow and can keep practicing over the next week. They need to be able to tie them 5 times by themselves to receive a certificate.

We will be starting the DRAs this week. I know I said it last week, but we are not independent enough for me to sit with each child for 15 minutes one-on-one. We will take it slow and see how it goes.

Two pages of math homework is coming home tonight. Remember, the homework helper is just to help you help your child. They do not need to be returned.

Image result for star of the week clipart

Thank you Noah for being a fantastic STAR! We really enjoyed your science experiment! Our STAR this week is Dana!

In science, we are learning about sound. In social studies, we are beginning a unit on “How Do I Get Along With Others.” We are learning about being a citizen. We will make a diagram on how we fit into this Earth, United States, Michigan, Dearborn, Howard, First Grade.

Have a great week!!

Week of September 9, 2019

Hi there! Happy Monday! We are off to a great start. We have already been to Zearn this morning, and most logged in without my help! Yay!! Some told me that they were on Zearn over the weekend….Kuddos!!

I still have a few students without headphones. Please, please, please get some tonight. 5 Below has some good ones. Remember, no earbuds. Thanks so much!

We will be taking the math portion of the NWEA tomorrow. Please make sure your child has a hearty breakfast and lots of sleep!

I made a new link at the top of this page for spelling words. Please click on the link for more information.

Image result for open house

Open House is this Thursday along with a first grade parent meeting. Please meet us in the media center at 5:30pm on Thursday. After my partners and I go over first grade information, we will walk to our classroom for Open House. If you cannot make it, no big deal. I will share the PowerPoint with you at a later date. You are always welcome to come into our classroom and visit. Just please give me a heads up beforehand.

I am in the process of accessing your child for reading. We give the DRA to all students. Once they are completed, I will begin guided reading groups. Book bags will come home for practice.

I hope to see you on Thursday for the meeting and Open House. Have a wonderful week!


Hi there!

We had a very productive week and we are getting into a routine. We took the reading portion of the NWEA today in the afternoon. It took us 45 minutes just to get everyone logged in and ready (sigh.) We will get better and faster as time goes on. For the most part, most did well for a beginning of the year assessment. I am excited to watch the growth over the next 10 months!!

I also reset our class roster on Zearn. Please encourage your child to go on Zearn at home. They can access it from Google or the district website. If they go to Zearn.org, they can also log in from there. Their username is their district student id. Their password is their birthday. If you are not sure of their student id #, it is on Parent Connect. Their birthday is mm/dd/year. I will attach their login information on the inside of their purple folder next week. Zearn is a wonderful program that is aligned to our Eureka Math. It will reteach and extend the concepts learned in class.

There is no homework for the weekend. Your child checked out their first library book today. It should be in his/her backpack. I told them to read it over the weekend. Your child should get into a routine of reading for 20 minutes every night before bed. I always liked to play the game with my boys of me reading a page and then them reading a page. It made it fun for us. Talk about the story as you both read. Ask questions. I hope your child develops a love for reading, just like I have!

Open House is on Thursday. The first grade teachers will be holding a meeting for you in the media center at 5:30 to go over many important topics. At 6:00, we will head to our classrooms for Open House. Once we get to our rooms, your child will show you around and explain to you what a typical day looks like in first grade. Open House is from 6:00pm-7:30pm. I hope you all will be able to come.

Have a great weekend!!

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