I just wanted to say, “THANK YOU” for all the love you gave me this week!!  You are truly amazing people and I appreciate you more than you know!  Thank you for sharing your sweet children with me each and every day!!  That is the best gift of all!!

Spelling words for next week are posted.  I sent home 2 math homework lessons.  Please have your child start studying the spelling words and working on the math homework!  Have a great 4 day weekend!!  Click on the pictures below:


It’s going to be a crazy busy day tomorrow!  Please wear your 100 thimgs to school!! No need to pack a lunch, we will have pizza during our party.  All parents are invited to join us.  We will begin at 11:15.

Don’t forget your Valentines.  The class list is at the top of the page.

Hi there!

It’s going to be busy short week next week!  We have the 100th day of school on Tuesday.  We also have the traveling zoo on Tuesday.  Please make sure that the permission slip is signed and sent back on Monday.  I taped it to the inside of their take home folders.  I hope they showed it to you by now.  Wednesday is our Valentine’s Day lunch/party.  We will have pizza, snacks, and goodies during our lunch time.  You do not need to send in a lunch on Wednesday.  Thursday is a half day of school for students (not teachers), and Friday and Monday we are off in observance of President’s Day.  Whew…..I told you it was going to be busy!

We will be doing some 100th Day of School things, STEM activities, word work, social studies, work on writing, reading, and math activities that go along with Valentine’s Day and President’s Day next week.  It will be mostly hands-on-activities to keep our minds and bodies moving!

The spelling test will be on Thursday in the morning….so get started on the studying now!  We had quite a few students who didn’t do well on the spelling test this week.  Practice, practice, practice.  I can tell who is practicing at home and who is not.   The words are on this blog….there really isn’t any excuse.  We are learning spelling patterns, not memorizing the words.  If your child learns the spelling pattern, then the cold words will follow and should be easy.  I sound out every letter in a word as I am giving the test.  I give lots of hints as well.

So, here is a review of what is going on next week:

Monday ~permission slips are due for the animal assembly (if you are ordering something, please send the money in an envelope with the permission slip)

Tuesday ~ animal assembly and 100th Day of School (don’t forget to wear 100 things)

Wednesday ~ Valentine’s Day Lunch/party

Thursday ~ Half day….dismissal at 11:45 (spelling test and library books due)

Friday and Monday ~ No school

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Hi there!

I just received the permission slips for the in school assembly sponsored by our Howard PTA.  The permission slips must be signed and returned on Monday or your child cannot participate.  Please sign them at the bottom and return them in your child’s take home folder on Monday.  There is also an order form if you would like to purchase items or have your child’s picture taken with an animal.  I have taped the slip to the inside of your child’s folder so that it won’t be lost.

Also, I have attached a class list of names for our Valentine’s Day party on Wednesday.  All students will need to address Valentine’s and bring to school on Wednesday.  We will be decorating our mailboxes (tissue boxes) today with our fourth grade buddies.  Thank you to all of you who sent them in!

So…..since we had a day off, we will have our “Lunch in the Classroom” on Friday.  I have a math leader meeting tomorrow morning, so I won’t be in until after lunch.

We will be decorating our mailboxes (tissue boxes) for our Valentine’s Day party with our buddies on Friday.  Please, send in any extras you may have at home.  We still need 5.  Thank you to those who have sent in multiple boxes and paper towel rolls!  We really appreciate you!

Our 100th day of school will now be on Tuesday.  So, that gives you an extra day to prepare.  Please don’t stress out about this.  A string with 100 Fruit Loops can be made.  Have your first grader help.  This is to be a first grader project and not a mom project! 🙂


We filled up Mr. Potato Head so…….we will have lunch in the classroom tomorrow.  Your child will bring their lunch or buy their lunch as usual.  We will eat in the classroom and I will bring a special treat!  Way to go room 22!

Also, Monday will be the 100th day of school!  We’ve been talking about this in class for some time.  Your child is to wear 100 things on Monday.  For example, he/she can wear 100 beads strung on a necklace.  Some students have worn 100 stickers, but unfortunately, they do fall off.  I have attached some ideas for you.  You will  have all weekend to come up with something.  Have fun!

Image result for wear 100 things for 100th day of school    Image result for wear 100 things for 100th day of school   Image result for wear 100 things for 100th day of school

Image result for wear 100 things for 100th day of schoolImage result for wear 100 things for 100th day of school Image result for wear 100 things for 100th day of school


We are 6 boxes short and we need them by tomorrow.  Please send in any boxes that you have.  If you want to open the end and pull the tissues out, I can glue the box back up for you.  Thank you to the families that brought in more than one box!

Image result for empty tissue box

Image result for empty tissue box

Hi there!

I have updated the spelling words for the next 3 weeks.  This will help with students who want to look ahead and prepare.  The week of the 11th and the 18th are short weeks, so you can have your first grader start practicing now.  Try to think of other words that have the same pattern that might be our cold words.

Due to the snow days, we will be changing the lunch menu for the next several days. 
Monday, February 4th:
First choice will be bosco sticks
Second choice will be a grilled cheese sandwich
Tuesday, February 5th:
First choice will be fish tacos
Second choice will be a grilled cheese sandwich
Wednesday, February 6th:
First choice will be cheesy garlic flatbread
Second choice will be a grilled cheese sandwich

Hi there!

Since there is no school tomorrow and possibly on Thursday, please practice the spelling words at home.  We won’t have much time to practice in class.  They are very easy this week.  Just remembering that the long o can be spelling o, ow, oa.   Also, I will extend the book order until Friday if you would like to order books.  I only got one order so far.  Remember, Scholastic is the cheapest way to expand your home library of age appropriate leveled books.  We also earn free books for our classroom library when you purchase books.  Also, Book It slips are due on Friday.


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