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Daily Assignments

Hello there! I just want to take the time to thank all of you for your hard work! Whew!! I know how challenging online learning is for all of us. Trust me, I am learning right along side all of you! Thank you for your patience and cooperation. It means the world to me and is helping make our days go more smoothly.

Today during our Zoom meeting, I stressed that spending 15 minutes each on Raz Kids and Zearn every day is vital for your child’s success in first grade; it also helps prepare him/her for second grade. I receive a report at the end of the week indicating how your child is doing. If I see that your child did not log on all week, we have a problem. I am trying to only assign a few things each day as to not overwhelm anyone. I have to say, I am very impressed with some of my first graders’ stamina! Hamza spent over 4 hours on RazKids last week and is earning a special prize for his hard work! Woohoo! Julia is also receiving a prize for her hard work on Zearn. She is right up with us on lesson 8! Way to go to Hamza and Julia!!

I have include big colorful buttons on Schoology to help you and your first grader keep organized on their assignments for each day. If you click on them, it will take you to that day’s assignments. Also, you can click on the “Work for this week” blue folder, and it will do the same. All assignments are also listed on the right column on the screen that says “Upcoming.” So, you have 3 places to look. Have your child practice on where to find their assignments. I’m hoping your child will be able to log in, navigate to Zoom, and find their assignments all on their own very soon! If you are looking for a calendar that you can print out with the week’s assignments, that is located in the blue “Work for this week” folder.

We're Thankful for You! – LA County Library

Have a great night! See you at 9:00 for Zoom tomorrow!

Habit #1

Each month, we will introduce a new habit. Here’s this month’s habit:

NWEA Testing

As you already know, we will be taking the math and reading portions of the NWEA during the next two weeks. Your child will come to school to take the test. He/she will have the same testing time for both weeks. If the testing time doesn’t work for you, please email me asap so that I can reschedule it for you. I had to change a few time slots around to accommodate everyone. Please see my email below:


Due to scheduling issues, I had to redo some of the NWEA Reading testing time slots.  Please look below and let me know if you are unable to bring your child to school at their scheduled time.  We will meet on Zoom from 8:55-9:45 each day below:

Tuesday, September 22

10:00-11:00        Nolen, Selma

11:00-12:00        Alena, Ali

1:30-2:30  Alex, Mohamad

                             Madina (come at 1:00 for DRA reading test)

2:30-3:30            Greyson, Danna

                            Mariam (stay until 4:00 to take DRA reading test)

Thursday, September 24

10:00-11:00        George

11:00-12:00        Danny, Muhammad

                             Hamza (stay until 12:30 to take DRA reading test)

1:30-2:30            Abe, Yusef, Evie

2:30-3:30            Julia, Aramiah

                             Elise (stay until 4:00 to take DRA reading test)

**We will need to repeat this schedule the following week for NWEA Math.  Please add the above date and time to your calendar. 😊               

Technical Problems

If your first grader is having technical problems with their Chromebook or other means of technology, please call one of the below phone numbers for help:


Schoology and Zoom

Good afternoon first grade families!! We do not have school tomorrow in observance of Labor Day. I hope you take time to rest and relax. On Tuesday, we will meet for a Zoom meeting at 9:00am sharp. If you already know how to get to my Zoom meetings through Schoology, you can disregard this blog post. If you haven’t been on our classroom Schoology account, please watch the video below:

Schoology and Zoom

If you have trouble getting into Schoology or Zoom, please let me know. You can comment on this post or send me an email:

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!!

Labor Day - Medina County Veterans Service Office


Thank you so much for signing up for my blog updates. There are a few parents who need to go to their email and confirm the subscription. You must confirm the subscription to be added to the email list.

Every student must check in via their parents’ email. Just for this week, I will send you a form to fill out every day. Please fill it out and click “Submit” in order for your child to be marked present for that day. Next week, I will take attendance at our Zoom meetings. Monday is a holiday, so no Zoom on Monday. We will begin on Tuesday on Zoom. Please make sure you have Zoom on your computer. Please don’t join by phone, if possible. The Chromebooks work great for Zoom. I will post a short video on how to get on Zoom in the next few days. It will be posted on here.

Have a great day! I have 6 more first graders coming in tomorrow for our one-on-one meeting. See you soon!

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