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Hello Woodworth family,

First I want to make sure everyone is healthy and doing well during this time. I strongly recommend that students and families subscribe and check the school blog daily as well as teachers’ blogs. This is our main form of communication as well as email. If anyone is in need of a chromebook or resources, check the school blog because they post information on how and when to obtain a chromebook as well as other things like lunches. It is important to stay up to date on what type of learning is required from each teacher online. For 7th grade science, Mrs. Vander Laan and myself agreed to continue with our current unit on Thermal Energy on Google Classroom. So far about 73% of my students are enrolled in Google Classroom. It is important that everyone is enrolled because learning is now required and our new online learning plan was approved by the district and is ready to go! Therefore I will start updating the grade book and as you can see I already starting grading lesson 5 part 1. If you are not completing the assignments you will see it impact your grade. Please make sure you are enrolled in Google Classroom if you have not already done so. Every week we will have the same schedule as follows below. If our schedule changes you will be notified via iblog, email, google classroom, etc.:

Monday- Article of the Week (AOW) for bellwork. Focus on key vocabulary and find the definitions within the text using context clues and reading strategies we have practice in class. Put the definitions in your own words. Or prediction of the text, identify text features, etc.

Tuesday- AOW (focus on identifying text structure) & new science content (lab, video, worksheet, model, etc.)

Wednesday- AOW (focus on identifying author’s purpose) & new science content (lab, video, worksheet, model, etc.)

Thursday- AOW (Connections: Text to Text, Text to World, Text to Self) & Google Hangout to chat with Ms. Khzouz about the lab, answer any questions you may have about this week’s assignments, and to check on your well being making sure everyone is safe/healthy. Google hangout is technically not required but recommended if you want to chat with myself and other classmates about this week’s assignments as well as answer any questions.

Friday- AOW (Text Summary using main ideas and key details) & Journal Reflection about this week’s assignments.

Here are the codes to get into google classroom for science.  Each code is for each hour. Make sure you are using the correct code for your correct hour!

2nd Hour Code: 7j5qmvf

3rd Hour Code: whnevr5

4th Hour Code: 2fyotgf

5th Hour Code: sxujiuu

6th Hour Code: z4xg7et


Ms. Khzouz

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