Grading Policy Update for Online Learning


As you can see I just updated the grade book based off this week’s assignments.  There are a few important things I want to make sure you are all aware of for this new online learning routine.

1.) I understand this is may be a new rough time for us, therefore I am not grading as strictly as I used to, because I want to make sure you are all adjusted first.  That means for this week I gave everyone full credit for attempting to complete the assignments.  The only way you got points off is if you simply did not complete it or left something blank.

2.) Just because you recieved 100% on an assignment does NOT mean you got all of the answers correct.  This is the time for you to take initiative of your learning and make sure you are holding yourself accountable.  I am not there in person so it is your responsibility to read over my comments I made in red.  If you got an answer wrong I typed up the correct information.  You need to read all my comments and make sure you understand the correct answer and why you got it wrong.  If you need help I will be happy to help just send me an email with your questions!

3.) Google hangouts are a great place to talk about the correct information and answers to the lesson questions.  Make sure you understand the correct answer incase we have a quiz or test later.  More information on quizes/tests to come later.

4.) Late work: Again, because of the new online learning and rough time people may be having, I am willing to accept late work.  If you turn something in late you will still receive full credit it as long as you completed the full assignment.  Only way to lose points is if you are simply not doing the assignments on Google Classroom.

I plan on eventually grading based off of correct and incorrect answers so make sure you are not rushing through the work.  Read the assigned articles because they do a good job at explaining why things are they way they are in science.  Make sure you ask questions, watch the videos, and pay attention to the notes and google hangout summaries we provide because they will have explanations and answers to help you.  Grading will start off easy but then eventually I will be taking points away if the answers are not correct.  Again I am happy to help. I am not there in person but I still am your teacher. I will gladly help you if you are struggling just email me and we can set something up. Stay healthy and safe! You got this! You are all so smart and capable just keep trying.


Ms. Khzouz

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