Google Classroom Schedule This Week

Hello my dear students! Who is ready for another week of fun in science class?! I know I am! Here is what you can expect for the week ahead!

Monday: Article of the Week (AOW)
Tuesday: (AOW) & Transfer of Energy Multiple Choice Activity
Wednesday: (AOW) & Evaporation Review Video and Fill in the Blank Activity
Thursday: Revisit Lesson 5 Part 4 and fix your models (this is required)! This is where you use the evaporation review activity from Wednesday and all of the other resources such as google hangouts to help you. Our work is never perfect and could always use some revising. We make models in class all the time and go back and make necessary changes after we learn more information. This is where you are going to go back and make changes to your models such as the size of your arrows to show temperature change, placement of your molecules, etc. Make sure your model accurately shows the flow of thermal energy leaving the can and going to the air. Models must be correct before turning them in for a final grade.
Friday: Friday Journal

Finally, Happy Ramadan to all those celebrating! May this month bring joy and good health to you all!

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