Online Learning in Google Classroom!


The email below was sent to students today to inform them that 7th grade science online learning will no longer occur on Mobymax, but will now occur in google classroom. Please read the following and use the correct code to log onto your hour’s assignments in google classroom.

Hello students!
I hope everyone is doing well during this time and that you and your family are healthy and staying safe while following the quarantine laws.  It’s a shame we will not be returning to school but nonetheless online learning will continue and will actually be located now in Google Classroom instead of Mobymax.  I will be providing lessons from our current unit on Thermal Energy along with an article of the week for bellwork.  Do not worry it will not be as much work and try to find time in your schedule to get it done.  The due dates are more suggestions to keep you on track.  At the end of the week you will complete a journal which asks you questions about how this week went for science, if there was too much work or too little, and anything else I can do as your teacher to better help you during this time.  I will use that feedback to make any changes to the next week if I need to make any.  I miss you all so much and I hope everyone is doing well!  Please stay in touch.  

Here are the codes to get into google classroom for science.  Each code is for each hour.  Assignments will start when we get back from spring break so Monday April 13, 2020.

2nd Hour Code: 7j5qmvf

3rd Hour Code: whnevr5

4th Hour Code: 2fyotgf

5th Hour Code: sxujiuu

6th Hour Code: z4xg7et


Ms. Khzouz

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