23rd Week of School

Maybe, another snow day tomorrow? Can’t say… but it is gonna snow early tomorrow morning.

We had our Barn Hill Preserve Assembly today… they brought in a baby kangaroo, a bearded dragon, a turtle, some weird chicken and a snake.  It was very cool.

Half day this Thursday, no school Friday or Monday!  Happy Valentine’s Day/Winter Break!!!

Geography Test February 21st. Study Guide is DUE Tuesday!

Unit 3 Population and Migration Lessons 1-4

Unit 3 Study Guide


21st Week of School

Snow/Cold Day! There is no school today! Enjoy your day.

I am pushing back our Muscular/Skeletal System Test that was scheduled for tomorrow for Wednesday (now if we are off that day since its going be bitter cold… polar vortex!) it will then be Thursday instead.

Kahoot! and Power Point are on the previous entry.

Report Cards went home Friday.


20th Week of School

There is NO SCHOOL Monday January 18th because of Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday.

There is a half day Tuesday and Wednesday.

The 3rd quarter starts Tuesday.

The population pyramid below is something for reference for this chapter in geography and students will need to reference it for bell work and the test.  Expect that test in a few weeks.

We are finishing up on the Skeletal & Muscular System.  I scheduled the test for Tuesday the January 29th. Here is Kahoot! and Power Point.


The Skeletal & Muscular Organ Systems

19th Week of School

Science NWEA Testing will start Wednesday.

The 2nd quarter ends Friday.  Be sure to get any and all missing work into me before that for late credit.  It will not accepted after this week.

There is a half-day this Friday and there is no school on Monday the 21st for Martin Luther King, Jr.

Here is a scan of the geography text that we have been covering.

Unit 3 Population & Migration page 1

Unit 3 Population & Migration page 2

Unit 3 Population & Migration page 3

Unit 3 Population & Migration page 4

Unit 3 Population & Migration page 5

Unit 3 Population & Migration page 6

Unit 3 Population & Migration page 7

Unit 3 Population & Migration page 8

Unit 3 Population & Migration page 9

Unit 3 Population & Migration page 10

Unit 3 Population & Migration page 11

Unit 3 Population & Migration page 12

18th Week of School

Welcome back! I hope everyone had  a wonderful and pleasant vacation.

We started doing the body systems in science today.  There will be a short 10 point quiz this Friday.  I have included the Power Point & the Kahoot!

Immune System Power Point


Here is the Skeletal & Muscular Systems Power Point which is our next organ system.

The Skeletal & Muscular Organ Systems

The Science NWEA is next week.

The 2nd quarter also ends next Friday.

MeRRy ChRisTmAs & HaPPy NeW YeaR!

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday and that you enjoy the time off with family and friends.  I look forward to seeing you all back at school on January 7th.  We will be doing NWEA soon after, along with starting to study all the body’s organ systems in science.  Lastly, the 2nd quarter ends on January 11th.

Thank you all for the wonderful gifts from all the chocolate, many gift cards, candy & mugs.  I so appreciate your kindness.  I felt spoiled. 🙂

Peace & love- Mr. Kerr

17th Week of School

Its the last week of school before Christmas break.  Yeah!

The re-takes for the Geography Test are this Tuesday before or after school.

We are working on a Natural Disaster Poster Project starting Monday, this will be due Thursday where student will present to the entire class.  Students will be given time in class, but not the entire block; time needs to be used wisely.

We have had some issues as of late with students being destructive and not respecting the art supplies that I have, therefore as of last week, my art box as been put away and will not be taken out until further notice.  Therefore, students need to bring their own art supplies this week so they can successfully do the Natural Disaster Poster Project.  They will not be allowed to use mine.

Friday is PBIS Movie Day.

16th Week of School

If you received a Progress Report (C- or lower) for either Science and/or Geography I need those returned and signed by a parent by no later than Wednesday or there will be consequence.

The retakes for the Science Test we took Thursday (both parts iLearn & written portion) are Tuesday before (7:20 AM) and after school (3:05 PM).

There is a Geography Test on Chapter 2 this Friday.  Here is the Study Guide (with answers) that was assigned on Monday.  Students had class time to do it when they were done with their group posters.

Chapter 2 Study Guide Page 1

Chapter 2 Study Guide Page 2

Chapter 2 Study Guide Page 3

Here is the Kahoot! link for this weeks Geography Test…


There is a Late Start this Wednesday.

Two more weeks before Christmas Vacation. 🙂

15th Week of School

There is a science test this Thursday here is the answers to the Study Guide that went home on Friday that we went over today and the link for Kahoot!

Cells Study Guide


We are are doing two experiments this week; one we started today and will finish tomorrow on osmosis and an Oreo Cookie model of Cell Division tomorrow.

I painstakingly graded all the C.E.R.’s these last few weeks.  I spent a lot of time giving students solid feedback and showing them what to do to improve them.  I e-mailed every student with individual changes on their Google documents and asked them to make edits and in return I would bump up their grade on their C.E.R.  Unfortunately not every student took advantage of this opportunity.

I am passing out Progress Reports for grades below a C- or lower Friday.