18th Week of School

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! No School Today.

Late Start this Wednesday.

I would like to have a very short 13 point quiz this Friday on the parts of cells and the differences between animal and plants cells.  Terms to know… cell membrane, cell wall, cytoplasm, nucleus, mitochondria, chloroplast, ribosome, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi complex, vacuole and lysosome.  There is a very nice table on page 18 in the text and a reproduction in the Power Point.  A Cell Filp-book was assigned on Friday and should be completed by Wednesday.  That too is a great study tool.

I also would like to plan for a geography test (Chapter 5) next week on the 25th, but we will see.  It depends on what we get done this week in geography because the following week we will be doing NWEA testing in science.

As again a friendly reminder the 2nd quarter ends next Friday.

16th Week of School

Retakes for the Map Quizzes was today before and after school today.  The Chapter 8 Unit Test is tomorrow on Migration in the United States.

The retake for that test and the science test from last week will be Thursday before and after school.  I want to make sure both social studies and sciences assessments are ALL taken care of before the Christmas break.

Late start tomorrow.

15th Week of School Continued…

Happy Snow Day!!  I hope everyone had a nice day off.

We had our US Map Quiz 2 today on the south and west regions.  They are posted.  So not only for today’s map quiz and last week’s US map quiz the NEW retake day will be next Tuesday before and after school.

Also, the Geography Test Chapter 8 will be next Wednesday.  The Study Guide went home today and students were given plenty of time to complete it or at least get a majority of it.  I have attached it just as I have included the Power Point again.

Chapter 8 Study Guide

Chapter 8 Migration to the U.S. Power Point 6th

Lastly, if you received a Progress Report from me on Monday (C-) or lower than I need those returned, signed and dated by Monday, please.  Thank you.

Have a great weekend!

15th Week of School

We had our U.S. Map Quiz on the Mid-West & North-East States on Friday (21 points, grades have been posted) the second U.S. Map Quiz on the West & Southern States will be on Thursday (29 points).  I will be offering retakes on these quizzes Friday before and after school, but here is the catch it won’t be separated with two quizzes as before, but just one, therefore it will be ALL 50 States!

Science Unit Test on Weather & Climate is this Wednesday (it will be a majority taken on iLearn & two essay questions on paper).

The Geography Unit Test will be the following Wednesday (20th).

These assessments are ALL summative so please take them serious and study.

As always Power Points and Chapters have been scanned on the blog to assist students.

Finally, Progress Reports are going out this week… only if students have a C- or lower.  Students and Parents should be always checking grades online for the most accurate and up-date grades.

13th Week of School

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving.

The Detroit Piston Assembly was today.

Today in science class we discussed biomes there was also a review worksheet with chart and map given for classwork/homework.  I scanned the chapter’s sections if needed.

The Tropics Section 2 page 82

The Tropics Section 2 page 83

The Tropics Section 2 page 84

The Tropics Section 2 page 85

Temperate & Polar Zones Section 3 page 86

Temperate & Polar Zones Section 3 page 87

Temperate & Polar Zones Section 3 page 89

Temperate & Polar Zones Section 3 page 90

Temperate & Polar Zones Section 3 page 88

Also, I am scheduling the Geography quizzes and test… the fill-in U.S. map quiz of the mid-west & north-east regions will be December 8th, the fill-in U.S. map quiz of the south & west regions will be December 14th and the Unit Test on Chapter 8 will be most likely December 20th.  I also would like a Science Test on Climate & Weather on December 13th.

*all dates are subject to change

Here is an updated Power Point on Weather & Climate

The Earth, Weather & Climate Power Point 6th(1)

Here is the Power Point for Chapter 8 Migration in the U.S., the next unit in our Geography text book.

Chapter 8 Migration to the U.S. Power Point 6th

12th Week of School

There is a good chance that I will not be at school Monday (I have jury duty).

The geography test was today and the retakes are scheduled for Tuesday (21st) at 7:15 AM; there will be no other opportunity.

Please use the Power Point to study.

No School next Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  Thanksgiving break!

11th Week of School

It was so nice meeting so many of you tonight and last night.  I think it all went well.

Here is the Power Point for the Geography Test on Chapter 2 this Friday.

Chapter 2 A Spatial Way of Thinking Power Point 6th

Here are the scanned Chapters for Chapter 3 What is Climate?

What is Climate page 74

What is Climate page 75

What is Climate page 76

What is Climate page 77

What is Climate page 78

What is Climate page 79

What is Climate page 80