Welcome Back 2019 School Year!!

Welcome back and I hope everyone had themselves a wonderful and safe summer break. It’s going to an exciting new school year for sure. If you have not heard I have moved up to 7th grade this year. So for some students you will be having me again. I will be teaching science and social studies again and am in room #46 (Mr. Blake’s old room).

The First Day of School is Monday August 26th it is a 12:00 Dismissal (half-day).

I have attached my Syllabus for the 2019-2020 school year It is in the Class Info Portion of My Blog (Above Tab). Please read and impress me by signing up for my Remind App before Open House. I will have copies available then as well.

37th Week of School

I hope everyone has a nice five day weekend and enjoyed their time off.

We had our field trip to the DISC today.

Geography test on government is Monday along with a science test on weather & climate. There is a Kahoot! for the government test it is on the previous blog entry; however, the science test will be an open note test and here is the power point.  It will be made available while students are taking the test as well.  This is our last chapter in the 6th grade science curriculum so it has to be done.

Weather Climate Power Point

FYI There will NO retakes for these tests.

Talent Show is tonight and will be on Wednesday at school.

Levagood Field Trip is on the 13th.

Last Day of School is June 14th and a half day.

35th Week of School

Just 4 Weeks of School… Yippie!

Progress Reports went out and are due by Thursday.

There is a Geography Economics Quiz this Thursday, here is the answers to the Study Guide.

Economics Study Guide Page 1

Economics Study Guide Page 2

Economics Study Guide Page 3

No School Friday or Monday because of the holiday.

Science NWEA Testing is next week.

I will have a test on government and a test on weather & climate the last week of school which are our last two units in science and geography.

Government Power Point


34th Week of School

Just 5 Weeks of school left… Yeah!

Here is the Power Point & video clip for today’s lesson this was a two day lesson, but most students would rather talk over me than pay attention, therefore it is due tomorrow.

Shoe Designs are due today as well.

Rich vs. Poor Countries Economy

Science Genetics Quiz this Friday! Study Guide went out last Friday due Wednesday. (answers below)

Genetics Study Guide page 1

Genetics Study Guide page 2

Genetics Study Guide page 3

NWEA the nest few weeks.

And late start this Wednesday.

33rd Week of School

Just 6 weeks of school… Yeah!

Late Start next Wednesday.

There will be a science quiz next Friday on Genetics.

Information for Geography this week…

Command & Market Economies Page 1

Command & Market Economies Page 2

Chapter 32 page 458

Chapter 32 page 459

Chapter 32 page 460

Chapter 32 page 461

Chapter 32 page 462

Chapter 32 page 463

Chapter 32 The Global Sneaker From Asia to Everywhere Power Point

Today’s assignment directions…

  1. Design your own Athletic Shoe & Advertising Poster


  • Draw & color it
  • Can’t be a well-known brand already like Nike, Adidas or Under Armor you need your own creative name ©
  • The sale price
  • What is your market strategy? Do you have a catchy slogan or some kind of celebrity endorsement? Who is your target audience?
  • Short paragraph of 5-7 sentences on the back on how your shoe is designed, where the materials come from and how it is manufactured.

32nd Week of School

We are M-STEP Testing this week… the Language Arts section is Tuesday & the Math portion is Thursday.

Please get plenty of rest, eat a healthy breakfast and be at school this week.

Good Luck!

Science Fair is Wednesday from 6-8 PM.

Todays assignment… create an illustrated dictionary for this chapter.

Do the Geoterms on p. 457 & add the terms tariffs, distribution, consumption & region.

  • Fold a sheet of loose leaf so that you have 4 squares
  • In each box write the term and create an illustration or symbol for the term
  • Write the definition of each term in your own words
  • Write a sentence that includes the term and the word “Asia” for the geoterms only.

Chapter 32 page 456

Chapter 32 page 457

30th Week of School

Welcome Back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break.  Just a reminder there is 2 1/2 months (10 weeks) left of school not 2 weeks, my 17+ years experience teaching students tend to be more distracted and grades tend to slip in the 4th quarter compared to previous quarters.

Science Fair Boards and printed Lab Reports are due next Monday on the 15th.  Students were given their boards today and were given today and tomorrow to finish them up. (take advantage of this as there will be no more time allowed in class).

Parent/Teacher Conferences are this Thursday from 3:30-6:30 PM.