30th Week of School

Welcome Back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break.  Just a reminder there is 2 1/2 months (10 weeks) left of school not 2 weeks, my 17+ years experience teaching students tend to be more distracted and grades tend to slip in the 4th quarter compared to previous quarters.

Science Fair Boards and printed Lab Reports are due next Monday on the 15th.  Students were given their boards today and were given today and tomorrow to finish them up. (take advantage of this as there will be no more time allowed in class).

Parent/Teacher Conferences are this Thursday from 3:30-6:30 PM.

Science Experiment

The Science Experiment is due April 15th (it must be completed which means I need a printed Lab Report and the board must be constructed.  I will be giving out boards the week we get back from spring break (if you want a different color then white then you need to buy your own from Office Max or Staples.  Here are an important few resources for you to review… I am including the Science Fair Rubric, an example Lab Report and the Power Point for the Scientific Method.  Do take this serious.

Science Fair Rubric

Science Activity Lab Report Example

The Scientific Method

29th Week of School

Spirit Week is this week.

The Study Guide for the Nervous & Digestion System is due Tuesday and the Test is this Thursday… the window for retakes is ONLY this Friday before and after school because of spring break.

Nervous & Digestion Review Study Guide WKS answers

The 3rd Quarter ends this Friday!!! I need any and all late homework before break.

I hope everyone is keeping up on the time table set for science experiments that have been discussed in class… remember they need to completed and put together on April 15th.  It is too late to switch groups we are on our 4th week of working on them in class.

Instructions for Data Tables & Charts for Science Experiments (Google Docs)

Here is the Science Fair Poster Board Guidelines as well (however we will be giving these out they do NOT need to be purchased unless you don’t like white)  Don’t forget to take pictures when you do your experiment.

I sent out a text message Saturday on where they should be and if you have not actually done the experiment and wrote up a majority of the Lab Report up to procedure then you are behind.

Spring Break starts next week… Yeah!

28th Week of School

We are working diligently on our Science Lab Reports… if students are keeping up with the timeline they should be done with writing the procedure (steps) by tomorrow and doing their experiment over the weekend.  Therefore, data and conclusion can be done next week.

I have our last science organ system test next Thursday on the Digestion and Nervous System.

Here is the Power Point on The 5 Food Groups and Pyramid that we are working on tomorrow.


The Digestion System WKS Part 2

27th Week of School

We are really getting started on our group science experiments… I am expecting the starting of Lab Reports this week, which should include proper heading, title, essential question, research and the hypothesis.  Do not get behind and use the time I give you wisely.  The finished project must be completed and turned in APRIL 15th (NO LATER!).

Sample Lab Report

We also need to finish up the Nervous and Digestion System by the end of the month. Here is the Power Point & the Kahoot!

The Digestion & Nervous System Power Point 6th


The 3rd quarter ends March 29th. I expect a test that week.

There is a Late Start this Wednesday.

The link and Power Point will help with the assignment today.

Chapter 4 Power Point

Chapters 3-7

26th Week of School

We had a test today on the Respiratory & Cardiovascular System… retakes will be Friday before & after school.

We are starting our science experiments where we are on the essential question and research portion.  We will be in groups staring Wednesday.  The question was due this week and the research is due Monday.

As a 6th grade team we are looking at this process being done on April 15th, 2019.

25th Week of School

The Science Fair Letter and Question Form went home last week; please read them and get the Student Question form returned by March 4th.

Science Fair Parent Letter

Science Fair Question Form

If you have lower then a C- in geography or science you received a progress report from me today; please return signed by Friday.

Also, bring in a empty water or soda bottle tomorrow if you have not.

Science test on the Respiratory & Circulatory System will be next Tuesday March 5th. Here is the Kahoot! and Power Point.


The Respiration & Circulatory Systems Power Point

Retakes for the Geography Chapter 3 Test we took last week are tomorrow before or after school.

Here is the last Body System Power Point we started this one today.

The Digestion & Nervous System Power Point 6th

24th Week of School

Welcome back from Winter Break!

There is a Geography Test this Thursday on Chapter 3.  The Study Guide on the previous entry has ALL the answers.  We reviewed today.

We start the Respiratory System tomorrow and will probably have a test on that and the Circulatory System together in a few weeks.

I am sending my Progress Reports home on Monday.

23rd Week of School

Maybe, another snow day tomorrow? Can’t say… but it is gonna snow early tomorrow morning.

We had our Barn Hill Preserve Assembly today… they brought in a baby kangaroo, a bearded dragon, a turtle, some weird chicken and a snake.  It was very cool.

Half day this Thursday, no school Friday or Monday!  Happy Valentine’s Day/Winter Break!!!

Geography Test February 21st. Study Guide answers below.

Unit 3 Population and Migration Lessons 1-4

Study Guide 1

Study Guide 2

Study Guide 3