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The Fordson High School Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy helps to support a safe and productive learning environment in our school, and supports the Dearborn Public Schools Bylaws & Policies regarding use of cellular phones (policy 5518). Cell phones/electronic devices have become a distraction to the learning process. Students should not bring electronic devices to be used throughout the school day. However, if they choose to bring them, the following policy will be strictly adhered to for the upcoming school year:

Fordson High School will not be responsible or liable for, the theft, loss, data loss, damage, destruction, misuse or vandalism of any student’s personal electronic device brought onto school property.

Students may possess or use personal electronic devices on school property during these designated times:  

  • Before school until the beginning of the school day (7:15 a.m.)
  • During a student’s lunch period  
  • After school after the bell rings at 2:15  


Throughout the rest of the school day, cell phones (including multiple phones per student, as well as “dummy/fake” phones) should be turned off, and turned into a teacher-designated area in the classroom, and out of sight in the hallways between classes. (For PE/gym classes, the phones need to be locked and secured in the gym locker. It can not be seen or heard during the class hour).

By allowing students to carry cell phones/electronic devices into the building, students and their families are consenting to a search of that property by school officials when the need to conduct a search is determined. Instances may include, but are not limited to: bullying, harassment, academic integrity (cheating), threats, inappropriate or unintended photos of students and staff, or any other actions deemed inappropriate by administration.

If a student is found to be in violation of this Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy, the personal electronic device WILL BE confiscated by school personnel.

  • First Violation: The device will ONLY be returned to a parent/guardian at the end of the day/beginning of the next day.  
  • Second Violation: The device will be ONLY be returned to a parent/guardian on the next Monday or Friday, which will be designated as cell phone pick up day (depending on when the incident took place).  
  • Third Violation: The device will be kept by the school until the end of the school year/semester and must be picked up ONLY by the parent/guardian.  
  • Fourth & Future Violations: The student will receive a disorderly conduct ticket issued by the Dearborn Police Department, where the parents must pay a fine in order to have the device returned to them.


If student and/or parent refuses to turn in the cell phone/electronic device, the incident will be considered insubordination and the following:  

  • First Violation Refusal: Automatic one day suspension & parent meeting for the student to return
  • Second Violation Refusal: Automatic three day suspension & parent meeting for the student to return

Third Violation Refusal: Automatic five day suspension & parent meeting for the student to return


2) Student Attendance/Audit Policy

Ten or more absences will result in reduce credit for the class.  Reduction in credit will mean the class will have to be retaken in ASAP or summer school.  There will be no exceptions to the district policy. Our goal is that all students attend classes and graduate on time!

Below are the highlights of the policy:

  1. A student who is over fifteen minutes late to class is considered to be absent.
  2. Two lates (5 to 15 minutes) in a class is considered to be an absence.
  3. Four tardies in a class is considered to be an absence.

Exceptions to the policy are as follows:

1)  School related absences

2)  Suspensions

3)  Documented absences (only for three days in a row)  such as illness, hospitalization, death in the family documentation must be received within 10 days of the absences.

A student who receives reduced credit will receive their full credit and their letter grade if they earn a 78% or higher on the end of term common/comprehensive assessment.

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