May is Better hearing and Speech month.

Lets take a moment to appreciate our wonderful speech and language pathologists here at Henry Ford Elementary, Mary Elaswad and Danielle Macari! Both of our speech pathologists work very hard for our students that may have various speech and/or language disorders to help them with all of their learning needs. Speech or language problems are likely to have an effect on a child’s social and academic skills and behavior. Speech and language intervention can help our students become more successful with so many areas in school such as reading, writing, and interpersonal relationships.

Our SLPs can be seen working one-on-one, in a classroom, consulting with teachers, working with small groups to name a few. They can offer teachers various resources for students that either have a speech and/or language impairment or may have some concerns relating to speech and language (or more!).

Mrs. Elaswad often attends MTSS meetings at our building where she offers great supports and intervention strategies to some of our teachers for students that may be having some difficulties in the classroom and services our Preschool students and students through the 4th grade. Mrs. Macari can often be seen in our building once a week working with our wonderful fifth graders.

Thank you ladies for everything that you do for our school!

If you are wondering more about what our wonderful speech and language pathologists do in our district, check out their iblog found here

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