Guest Reader – March 27, 2020

March 27, 2020 by Amal Abdulla

Hello Miller Families! 

Happy Friday! WE MISS YOU ALL VERY MUCH! Congratulations to Maya Elkadri, from Ms Harrison’s second grade class for guessing who the mystery reader was. You were right it was Ms. Hankins!!! 

You can listen during the day or enjoy a bedtime story with today’s guest reader. Please find a quiet area and enjoy the book My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza read by Ms. Hatfield, our Early Childhood Specialist.

Have a great weekend! « The Crossing at Montague

Friday, March 27, 2020

We did it! We had another great week of remote learning. Look through my daily posts this week and make sure you have all of your work finished today. I am looking forward to seeing how many Super Duper Star Students we will have this week. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Morning Work – Complete page 130 today. Morning Work

iReady– Make sure you have reached your goal of 45 minutes this week. Clever. If you already reached your goal, go on Kids A-Z for at least 20 minutes today.

Spelling – Take your spelling test on  Spelling City. Do not use uppercase letters or the word will be marked wrong, even if you spell it right.

MathiReady At-Home Packet Complete pages 15. iReady Math Packet

Go on Zearn for at least 15 minutes today.

Science/ Writing- Watch the video Could a Statue’s Shadow Move?. In your journal or on a piece of paper, write about what you learned.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

I hope you had a chance to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday.

Here is the work I would like you to finish today. Double check to see if you are on track to finish all of your work tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing how many Super-Duper Star Students we will have this week. 🙂

Morning Work – Complete page 129 today. Morning Work

iReady Reading At-Home Activity Packet– Reread the story Bark Beauty on pages 18-23. Answer the questions on pages 24-26. iReady Reading Packet

Go on Kids A-Z for at least 15 minutes.

Spelling – Take the practice spelling test.  Spelling City

Math -Go on Zearn for 25 minutes today.

ReadWorks- Read the informational text Clouds and Rain on the ReadWorks website. Answer the multiple choice questions 1-4. Submit you answers so I can see your score. class code 5S5JZN password 1234.

Social Studies- Read pages 151-155  Look at the pictures of 3 different school regions on page 155. Can you think of another region of our school that is not pictured on this page? What would you do in that region? Write our answers in your journal. Social Studies book

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Happy Birthday to our good friend, Laila! We all wish we could be together to share your special day.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful today. Try to get outside and get some fresh air, but be safe. Mr. Hauck and I are going to take a walk around our neighborhood to enjoy the warm air and sunshine.

Remember, you can email me or use Remind if you have any questions about your work, or just to say hello. I love hearing from you. 🙂

Morning Work – Complete page 128 today. Morning Work

iReady– Go on iReady for at least 15 minutes today. Work carefully so your score is at least 85%. Clever

Spelling – Pick one game you would like to play today on  Spelling City.

MathiReady At-Home Packet Complete the work on Using Strategies to Subtract on pages 13-14. iReady Math Packet

Science/Writing- In your journal or on a piece of paper, make a T-Chart.

Label one side Things made of wood, and the other side Things made of paper or cardboard. List 3 things on each side of your T-Chart after you listen to the story Be a Friend to Trees.