Monday, May 4, 2020

Laughter and Other Medicine – Women and Words

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend!   

I have some exciting news! I should be able to get into Miller on Tuesday. I am planning on cleaning out your desks and picking up your notebooks, pencils and math books. I will be dropping them off on your porch after I have everything packed up. I will call you some time between 1-3PM when I drop off your bag. If nobody answers, I will leave your bag on your porch. I am excited to see you, but we need to follow the social distance guidelines. As much as I want to give you a big hug, we need to wait until it is safer.

Please get your reading and math bags together for me. You may keep the math materials inside the bag, but I need to collect your math bag, bag of books, and anything else you need to return to Miller.

I will update you on my blog post tomorrow, but fingers crossed, we will be able to see each other on Tuesday. 🙂

Here is the work I would like you to finish today:

Reading: Watch the video about Author’s Main Point. Answer the questions about this video in Google Classroom. Make sure you click on the SUBMIT button when you are done answering the questions. Clever

Compound Words– Go on Google Classroom to answer the questions. Make sure you click on the SUBMIT button when you are done answering the questions. Clever

Go on iReady for 10 minutes today.  Clever

Go on Spelling City to play a game. 

Spelling Words:   -ea words

eat, seat, please, leaf, treat, read, myself, keep, drink, only


Go on Zearn for 15 minutes.

Social Studies

Go on Google Classroom and complete the video and questions for the assignment Edpuzzle |Calendar. Clever

Special Area Class Today: Art

Visit Mrs. Saad’s Google Classroom.  You can find the link to Google Classroom on Clever.

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